I need advice. Non-christian worship service

I’ve been meeting with Mormon missionaries for some time now. They tell me about their believes and I try to explain them catholic beliefs. Everything is ok, but recently they have asked me for “a deal”. They said: "We will go with you to catholic Mass, if you come to our “sacramental meeting” as they call it. I was a bit suprised by this proposal, but I agreed. I thought it would be good for them to see the Holy Mass. There were many of non-catholics who “came home” after experiencing the Holy Mass. Why don’t give them that chance? But I’m not sure if it is allowed to me to take part in their meeting.

So that is my question: Am I allowed, as a catholic, to participate in non-christian worship?

What do you think about it?
Thanks in advance.

I think that you should not have made that “deal.” Further, I would speak to your parish priest about the situation rather than seeking advice online.

It is somehow accecptable if you attend other christian denominations, as long as you go a a visitor and do not take part in their sacraments or believe in their doctrines, which may be contrary to your own faith.

However, Mormons are alot different from Catholics, If you must go then do it but be careful and be sure to mention it in your next confession. That’s the most I can say, as someone else said, it is best to talk to your priest.

I don’t want to bother my priest with a little thing like that. Actually, I’ve just made a reasearch and found the answer: cuf.org/faithfacts/details_view.asp?ffid=261

But I’m still curious about your opinions on the subject.

You may attend their service as long it is not replacing Mass and as long as your are strong enough in your faith not to be swayed by their false teachings. If there is any danger of you leaving the Church because of their proselytizing, you ought not to attend services with them, and you should stop your studies with them. Asking you to attend their services is the next step in the conversion process. (And make no mistake-- they are not talking to you for the joy of a lively discussion; they are trying to get you to join their church).
From what I understand, this is a common tactic for Mormon missionaries. They often attend the religious services of those whom they are trying to convert. It helps them to tailor their pitch to the specific audience (you). I would imagine once you get to their service there will be lots of what is euphemistically called “love-bombing” in order to make you feel at home and want to come back. I experienced this once at a friend’s church, and it had the exact opposite effect-- I couldn’t wait to get out of there.
If you do choose to attend, remember that you may not take part in their worship. You may observe, but you may not take part in the their sacrament.

It isn’t forbidden, but you should be careful and not take part in any way with their sacraments. Good luck bringing those men home!

Right… but Mormons are not Christians…

Thanks for answer. I’m a stanch catholic and converting to Mormonism didn’t even cross my mind. The more I learn about their religion, the less I can understand how can anybody belive in such a nonsense as their beliefs, for example, that God has a body and lives in the planet Kolob. I don’t think I should stop my studies with them. I feel a pity for them, that’s why I talk with them. They are kind and polite, and, I think of good will, but they are so far from the Truth. In our meetings I tell them about our catholic beliefs so they can see not-distorted view of Catholicism. If I don’t tell them what Catholic Church belive, who will?

I think you have a good atitude and understand fully their motives. I have a friend that is a morman and she finds it hurtful that they are not considered christians. Well—they do believe some far out stuff. But—

She is also a great person and a good friend. :thumbsup:

Good job getting them to attend Catholic mass. Since they always travel in pairs, you get two for their one :slight_smile:

Since they gave up animal sacrifices year ago, you should be fine in attending.

As advised participate as a “visitor” and most importantly, ensure your friends understand that when they attend Mass, they do not partake of the BODY and BLOOD, they are “visitors” not believers.

Dear ImreKiss,

I sense that you have a gentle soul :angel1:and were just trying to be kind. May I say that it would be best, in my opinion, not to attend. You will not be held to the “deal.” Please tell them that although you will not be visiting their place of worship, that the Catholic Church allows people to enter, observe reverently, pray and sing. They do not need you to make any deals with them in order to be welcome to inquire.** You have no reason to inquire of their belief system. You are Catholic. **

Life here is so brief. With the exception of meetings or ecumenical dialogues vetted and approved by our Catholic Church leaders, I would not spend time investigating any other church simply in order to get them to visit ours. They are already very welcome to inquire. We can encourage them to do so in other ways, but this “deal” is not the way to go. Christ died for us, for His Church, and His Resurrection power assures ours. I will need my entire life devoted to Him and to Holy Church, and remain in awe at its wonder and majesty!

Why would we need more than the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, where we believe in the Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament, where we have all the other Sacraments :highprayer:to help us journey through life in the Church Christ Himself founded?

I would not spend any more time with these people, as they love to argue scriptures but have no authority. When people from various denominations come to my door, I politely tell them that I have no reason to debate. If they persist, I close the door. I do not say “God bless you” to them, as many of them they promote a false “cult.”

Our Shepherd Christ leads us, so we do not need, nor should we spend our time on earth debating things that have already been answered within Christ’s Holy Church. :gopray2:

**“God is not the author of confusion” :frighten:is a good scripture :bible1:to remember at this time. ** Please stay away from these people, and if they ask you about the deal, all you have to do is tell them that you have had a change of heart.:heart: They are never barred from inquiring or visiting, and need no deal to allow that. But please do not attend with them at their “church.”

**Your Shepherd, Christ, would want you to stay close to Him, Holy Church, and the Sacraments. You are a beloved Child of the Most High. **

“For we are bought with a price.” is a sobering scripture :bible1:for us all.
A great price, the greatest love mankind has ever known.

Blessings, and all best prayers are coming your way!
Kathryn Ann:heaven:


I was a Mormon missionary in my younger days. By the grace of God I have recently come into the Catholic Church. If I can be of any help in answering any questions please let me know.

My personal advice would be not to attend a Mormon service. You might give the elders a false sense that you are potentially interested in converting to their religion.

Thank you all for answers, especially you Kathryn Ann :slight_smile: nevadairenaeus - if i have any questions in future, I will let you know.

…everything is licit to me but, not everything is good…]

As a rule, I never attend any other denomination meetings; gatherings or in this case “sacramental meeting”. (whatever)

I don’t know how you let them get passed…Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. And Jesus Christ is God and the second person of the Most Holy Trinity and One God -Three divine persons…not 3 gods.

This will usually stop them in their tracks. If they can’t get passed this…they are not going to do it just because you attended one of the “sacramental meetings”.

Strengthen your catholic formulas of truth and faith. Don’t give in to “deals”. It’s a trap.

They are not christians…no really…they are not. They do fancy the word “christians” but, they are not in the true sense, christians. They not only deny the divinity of Christ but they go as far as believing that there are 3 gods and even further towards illuminism and alien life…out there.

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