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This is only my second post so i hope its in the right place. I just started RCIA and I am worried about my situation. I was raised a Baptist and was baptized when I was 12, but in my adult life I have lived in sin. I had a vasectomy 2 years ago after our third child. About 6 months ago my wife had laser oblation and cannot have anymore children. Reading the teachings of the church, I realized this was a sin and I didnt even know it. I am repentant of it and I feel horrible. I am so worried that this will keep me from being able to join the Church. Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you…


Please look at these threads. If you want to discuss this in private, please pm me.




This is my second post as well but I think I can answer this. We are all sinners rather we realize it or not. I don’t see how this can keep you from being able to join the Faith. You were at one time blinded to your sin, now your eyes are open to it and you are sorrow and repentant of it. My best advice would be to talk to your priest, he can guide you. I know that the procedures are looked down upon because they restrict the ability of having children. I would also suggest when your chance to do confession comes up that you address the situation there too, that way you put your sorry for the sin and your wish to right what you did in front of God.

And by the way, welcome home brother!


Jesus came for the sinners, so HE came for you and he established HIS Church for you. HE only wants your true confession and will forgive you.

It seems to me that there is something you have to do about a vasectomy, but your case is even more unique so by all means consult a well formed priest and he will help you and welcome you.

Praise God for your Conversion!!!


For something to be a sin, you must KNOW that it was a sin when you WILLINGLY did it. Seems that was MISSING in your case.


All that is required is a contrite confession. God forgives. That is what Christianity is all about. Move on and don’t look back. It’s easier said than done as I know from experience. But I just prayed that if a child should come he or she would be greatly welcomed. Some of us make little oop’s and some of us make bigger oop’s and God forgives them all. Welcome home and God bless you always…


First off, welcome!

For your sin to be a grave mortal sin, you would have to have committed it with full knowledge(that is understanding of the nature of it’s evil) and consent. When you had your vasectomy, you had neither. Therefore, it’s not a mortal sin.

Your wife can not have children now, so it’s not an issue for you anymore.

God Bless



Ukdal1, you already said that you are repentant and feel horrible.

So confess this to a priest if it makes you feel better, but you are covered by what the Church calls “invincible ignorance”.

Once again, mention this to a priest THAT YOU KNOW IS FULLY SUPPORTIVE OF ALL OF THE CHURCH’S TEACHINGS, and if he says that you don’t need to confess it …

Then be at PEACE my friend.:slight_smile:

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