I need advise and answers


I am going to start by introducing myself. My name is Martin,I am 18 years and I live in Norway and I am a norwegian. Lately I have been in a way connected to God Allmighty, and I am doing my best to pray and not to sin.

My family is not religios at all (which is very common in Norway). They dont feel God as I do. I am not baptised yet, but I will be by next week. And my question to you is this; shall I tell my mother that I’ve been baptised when I have? She’ll be disapointed in me, and there’s no way i will convince her of the powers of God.

My second question is about my friends.
In Norway there is very many immigrants. Most muslims. They allways try to bully me about being a Catholic and for being a norwegian, but I am not the type of guy that backs down to weak people like this. But three of my friends just convertet to islam. One was an asian christian, the other one was adopted, and the last one was norwegian. Should I forgive my friends for this? They are joining the same people that tries to bully me every day.

God Bless!
(Sorry for my bad english)


Hello Martin! I think I understand where you’re coming from. I used to live with a Danish family, and indeed, even though Denmark has a “state church” (Lutheran) there’s very little religious activity amongst the Danes (and the rest of the Scandinavian countries).

First, I think you should tell your mom. She might very well be pleased, or it might make her think about her own faith. Both good things.

Forgive your friends, definitely. But be sure they know you don’t find meanness and bullying acceptable, and that you will pray for them to be above that. Also, plainly say you will pray for their conversion. You don’t have to keep reminding them, but you should at least say it once.

May the Holy Spirit guide you on your journey, Martin!


Welcome Martin!! In my family I’m the only Catholic, and I have several non-Catholic friends. I expect them to respect my decision, which they have. For the most part. There are some Catholic beliefs that they don’t agree with, but that’s there problem. You may try to reach out in your church to make new, Catholic, friends. Don’t cut out you other friends. Just let them know that you respect their decision, and they should do the same for you.


Martin, welcome to CAF and to the Catholic Church. Congratulations on becoming a Catholic!!

I think you should let your mother know and I hope she respects your choice. Maybe you can find a way to ease in the news. But before telling her, make sure to pray for her first. Ask the Holy Spirit to convict her heart and give her the grace to accept the fact gracefully. Pray for her salvation also.

As for your friends, like the others suggested, do not cut them off but do make new friends in the Catholic circle. I hope the church you are joining has youth or young adult groups. If not, look around to see if any other group may interest you. We all need fellowship with the like minded.Especially for a new Catholic, it is important to have companions on the journey.

God bless!


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