I Need An Answer Asap!


Hello! I have two questions about the Rosary!

  1. Can you have more than one prayer request for each decade? Like instead of 5 intentions for an entire Rosary, can I do like 20?

  2. Tomorrow is election day and I will probably stand for hours and I want to pray the Rosary. I plan to say more than one. Would I have to say the Apostles Creed/ Salve Regina every time I start a new Rosary or can I just jump from the fifth mystery back to the first one?



You can have as many requests as you wish. One that covers them all is to offer your prayers for the Intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


good question.

What i like to do is while praying the rosary, i try and offering each decade for a particular intention. Then while I am saying each Hail Mary, what ever, who ever, whom ever pops into my head i offer that Hail Mary for. That way I may actually have 10 offerings for one decade.

There is not perfect way to pray…period. What ever works best for you. Some don’t like to pray the rosary, I don’t know why, but some don’t.

well, I’ve talked enough. i’m going to go pray the rosary. Catholic Answers will be in my prayers!


You can, as previous poster has said, offer for as many intentions as you like - even if there are more intentions than Hail Marys!

And you can choose, if saying multiple decades, to start with an Apostles Creed before the first decade of the day, and finish after your final decade of the day with the Hail Holy Queen.


Sometimes I have one intention, sometimes a few, sometimes so many that it takes me about seven minutes to get through naming all the intentions and then say about a 15-minute Rosary, … other times I name my intentions, start the Rosary, then remember even MORE intentions so I add them in. :whacky:

I say the Apostles Creed at the beginning but tend not to say the Hail Holy Queen unless it’s a group Rosary that someone else is leading.

~~ the phoenix




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