I need an answer please

Someone else on this website mentioned this website, and of course, I clicked on it.


I thought it was pertty accurate until I read this.

It claims unbroken continuity with the Church founded in the first century by Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church is one of two groups that resulted from a split within the Catholic Church in the ninth century.

It mentioned a split in the 9th century. What was this split? Are we still the sdame church? Just a few questions, but i got to go now, ill be back to see everyone’s responce.

The Orthodox Communion also claim to be the Church of the Upper Room, though we as Catholics believe that the Orthodox Church has left the unity of the Church.
The schism of 1054 A.D. is usually referenced as the year the Orthodox ‘broke off’, though there were many tensions before that time. Among these tensions were different theological understandings, politics, and geographic/cultural barriers.

Eastern Orthodoxy

This would be a reference to Eastern Orthodoxy, as the previous poster said. The main issue is the papacy. They reject the supreme pastoral authority of the Bishop of Rome, while we embrace it.

The Assyrian Church of the East and the Oriental Orthodox Churches also have valid apostolic succession, but they broke-off much earlier, both in the fifth century (though not at the same time).

We believe that we are the Catholic Church, while these other bodies are not, because we belong to local churches (dioceses, for most of us) that are in communion with the Chair of Peter in Rome. This is how one determine whether or not one is in Christ’ Church. Is your bishop in communion with the Chair of Peter?
(And the answer is yes for Catholics).

This issue is being discussed on a few threads right now…including my thread on “Fathers and the Primacy of Peter and Rome” forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=25805.

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