I need an excellent Evangelization talk for a CD

We are planning to distribute a CD with an excellent talk on it to about 400 families who have students in the local Catholic schools. Many of these families are non-Catholic, lukewarm Catholics, non-practicing Catholics and some are practically speaking non-Christian. Probably less than 20% of the students and their families practice the Catholic faith.

I am looking for an excellent talk. The topic should be on Christ, and the quality of the presentation has to be excellent so that a common non-practicing person would listen to the first 10 minutes and not turn it off.

We will be distributing the CD during Holy Week for families to listen to in preparation for Easter Week.

Any ideas?

Any questions I can answer to help with your suggestions?


This suggestion might be merely a starting point or two.

One is to check with the people right here at Catholic Answers. If you go to the home page check under ‘Seminars’ you will find some speakers. I have seen Jason and Crystalina Evert’s dvd titled Romance Without Regret. Their presentation was excellent. They might not be what you need, but they might be able to connect you with someone who can help you. There are several speaker listed under seminars.

Second suggestion - check with your local schools, seminaries and convents. By calling to St. Joseph’s school I found Sr. Juanita who came to my class. She knew my kids minds better than the kids knew their own minds. It was excellent.

So those are two suggestions as to where to start looking. I wish you success.

God bless

Thanks for the idea.

The reason we are doing this is …

“What we have been doing in the past isn’t working. We need to do new things to get new results”

It is a sad statement that many of the students in jr and sr high do not know how to do the sign of the cross.

To me, that is not a statement on the teachers, but on the families. The families do not know Christ. This CD is to introduce the families (dad especially) to who Jesus is and what Jesus did on the cross and in the Eucharist.

Know any good talks like that?


I know EWTN has put out a dvd on basics of the faith. I am guessing the name is “Catholicism 101”, but do not fully remember it. The theology is spot on. The sets however remind me of something from the 1970s.

If only you could get Sister Juanita to come talk to your audience.
Sister Juanita talked to my kids about the sign of the cross. The way she emphazied it as a prayer has stuck with the kids. She showed them how to make a cross with their thumb and forefinger. She made the class repeat the prayer until everyone in class did and said it correctly. Now my students even critique me when I make the sign of the cross. We have fun with it.

The reason Sr. Juanita was invited to class was that I did a series on vocations. I figured it would be better to have an expert about matters talk to the students. God blessed me with Sr. Juanita. Next month we are taking a field trip to her convent (Sisters of St. Mary of Oregon).

Oh, a dvd of Archbishops Fulton Sheen is available. It is titled: Family Retreat with Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen I found it to be enjoyable and educational. Again I am not sure if it is what you need, but it might be worth a viewing.

Last year I set a goal of watching one video about faith each week. It was a worthwhile goal and has given me a little depth of knowledge in the area. My list is at home (I am at the firehall right now).

God bless

Lighthouse, give them a call


The Bible Christian Society offers free .mp3s


Are there any excellent presentations of the faith that YOU have listened to and inspired you?

Do you have a budget for this? Fr. Corapi’s CDs are not inexpensive, however, they are worth every penny.

Fr. Corapi, Fulton Sheen, Scott Hahn, Michael Crumbie, Alex Jones… to name a few :slight_smile:

Greetings, I am a representative for Lighthouse Catholic Media with CD’s with awesome Topics and dynamic Speakers would that help? They are albe to listen to these CD’s at home, while driving, on breaks from working like lunch etc. Also as a family they can gather and listen to the CD’s.

Thank you for all your efforts, we sure need to GO!
I don’t know if your Diocese are breaking into Clusters but a Cluster and a soul at a time. I spread all kinds of Topics from Catholic Lighthouse Catholic Media and we have a Club going on. I also invest for the honor and glory of God on brochures with all different faith topics as tools to teach and build faith and books from CIS the Knights of Columbus, also all kinds of topics. Call Father Juan Diego, O.P. in New Haven Connecticut. He is also a Dominican Preacher. Hope I have been of some help to you.
Lay Dominican
God bless
Lissette Maria Dernier
Rochester NY

There is a whole series of CDs put out by Lighthouse Catholic Media. You can arrange a subscription with them to send you whatever titles you want. There is a display stand you can get, where you can put ten copies of each of 12 CDs in the stand, with a lockbox where they can put donations. You can post a recommended donation, (say of five dollars per CD) and then you can use the money to purchase more CDs. Or, you could set up a budget where people can donate separately to the project, and you could then give the CDs away for free.

What if you got a display stand for each of your schools, to put out in the main entrance area where the parents come to pick up the kids, and you put out a variety of titles on the stands for them to choose from.

This is a really quick and easy way to evangelize your population. The CDs are excellent - the speakers are the same ones we are always hearing about on these web sites and on EWTN - Scott Hahn, Jeff Cavins, etc.

By giving them a choice of what to listen to, the people will be more likely to pick something that they already consider interesting, so they will be less likely to turn it off in the first ten minutes. All of the speakers go over the basic tenets of the Catholic faith, while at the same time relating basic Church teaching to their topic.

Go to this site: Saint Michael’s Media Podcasts These are free to download. I just talked to the webmaster there (he’s my husband :slight_smile: ) and he is ok with you making copies for your parish, and only asks for a free will offering donation.

These are OUTSTANDING talks - they are only aboutd 40 minutes long, and very straight and to the point. You can preview every single one in its entirety before you decide what you want to use.

What a great way to get your parish involved!! :thumbsup: Please let me know if you have any questions, you can feel free to PM me.


It sounds to me that you are trying to reach people who need to be made aware that they need a spiritual life more than they need an explication of the Faith. If so, the best spiritual talks I have heard are conversion stories – particularly those of Tim Staples and Fr. Corapi.

Lots of options posted here for you. I have many CD’s from Catholic Lighthouse Media. I love them!

I agree with conversion stories and Fr. Corapi, too.

My favorite conversion story is Scott Hahn’s because of his prior attitude towards Catholicism and how well educated he is. That he want from the most anti-Catholic protestant to converting, leaving him without a job to support his family. I think that speaks for itself!!

Scott Hahn’s tape is one that really opened my eyes to the gift of my faith that I had not previously realized. Too many cradle Catholics take it for granted and don’t see the beauty in it like all the Protestant converts. It was also the seed planted that I watched grow and practically perform miracles in my husband’s cousin and his whole family. That’s why I like Scott’s story so much.

You can get Scott’s conversion story CD’s in bulk at www.catholiccity.com – you may need to inquire on the quantity you need to find out the suggested donation but I’m certain it’s $1 or less.

Good luck in whatever you choose and we’ll keep you in prayerful thought for the conversion of many, many hearts.

In joy,
Laura J

Another point I neglected to mention: A couple of years ago, I heard a great talk at a St. Joseph Communication’s Catholic Family Conference. I was so fired up, I wanted everyone to hear that talk. I called St. Joseph’s and ordered about thirty copies of that specific talk so I could give them to family and friends. Not only were they very accommadating and had no problem letting me buy the tape of one talk (as opposed to the whole conference), they also gave me a nice discount for a “bulk” purchase.

Hey! You seem to be getting alot of ideas, so just ignore me if you want to:blushing: , but have you ever listened to Matthew Kelly? He’s really easy to listen to (partly because of his cool Australian accent) and has a great message. You can find him at www.matthewkelly.org. Hope this is helpful.
God bless,

Great suggestion – Matthew Kelly is awesome.

I’ve only ever heard his motivational stuff. He does evangelistic stuff, too? :slight_smile:

Your target audience is perfect for Curtis Martin’s talk on the New Evangelization.

If you want to engage lukewarm Catholic’s and non-Catholics alike - this is the talk for you. Great quality, lots of humor and a very engaging speaker and author.

If you want to get a feel for him go to my website and download or stream the talk Go and Set the World on Fire under DOWNLOADS. He gave it last year to over 3000 screaming Catholics and 200 Evangelicals. He speaks at Catholic and Evangelical conferences all across the states.

If you want copies - email me and I can help make arrangements for you. God bless.


I am downloaded it now.

As I have searched the Internet for a talk, it has saddened me about how FEW (okay none) talks exist that focus on Jesus. Many talks about the Church, the Sacraments and apologetics.

But no talks about "this is Jesus, this is what he did, how are you going to respond to what he has done for you’.

I am looking forward to listening to the talk.

Thanks to everyone for all the ideas and leads.

I’ve only ever heard his motivational stuff. He does evangelistic stuff, too?

Not exactly, but when lukewarm Catholics were mentioned, I immediately thought of Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscovering Catholicism.:signofcross:

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