I need contrition for my sins


Hi everyone. I am going to Mass tomorrow and want to go to confession as well. However, I am not feeling any contrition for my sins. Could you all please pray for me?


Will pray for you to make a good Confession and to be sorry for your sins…


Thank you Simon X. :slight_smile: I think I already have imperfect contrition. I mean, I am sorry for my sins but it’s mainly because I am afraid of going to Hell. Is that enough for confession? :shrug::confused:


Yes, being afraid of going to Hell and being separated from God is enough to be absolved (when going to Confession). But Perfect Contrition is being sorry not only because we don’t want to go to Hell, but also because we love our Lord and sorry we have offended him through sins.

I can’t think for you, but I bet you might feel that way if you really think about it? That being said, go to Confession and get absolution and start over is the best plan…


Hi Holly , you’ll be in my prayers too . Your willingness to make contrition bring you close to Sacred Heart of Jesus , may God bless you always !
I’m praying daily a contrition prayer ( I saved it like a yahoo toolbar button , so every evening I’m saying : one act of contrition , faith , hope and charity ) .
Many blessings through Jesus Christ , our Lord and Saviour !


Feelings aren’t the issue, it is the intention that matters, Holly, and that your intention is good is what matters to God. May the Lord help you to grow faithfully closer to Him


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