I need devout Catholic opinions of Will Bowen's" A Complaint Free World" school program

am hoping to get the opinion of devout, traditional Catholics who try their best to follow Church teaching and doctrine. I want to know if you’ve heard of Will Bowen, the guru for “A Complaint Free World.org?”

I apologize if there is a similar thread, I did a search but didnt’ find anything and havent’ been at CA for at least a year.

Let me give you some family background: I homeschooled my 3 children through Seton Catholic Homeschool for 3 years but my husband is in the military and has been deployed so much that I was afraid I could no longer keep up the pace. So, my two eldest started public school last year. (my husband was deployed for 10months of last year) I was very active in their school last year,and was very happy with the school. HOEVER In November, we moved from the North East Coast to The South (Florida Panhandle) and I have not been involved much because volunteers are not allowed to bring younger sibs while volunteering.

SO, this brings me to the discussion:
My son came home today with a purple bracelet that says "A Compliant Free World.org. Apparently, his class is doing this program started by a man named Will Bowen who is a minister from Christ Church Unity in Kansas City. He suggested his congregations wear purple bracelets to remind them to stop complaining. The website says it is nonreligious, nonprofit entity, which has since spread throughout the world with his books, bracelets and programs.

Something about it bothers me. It seems very “new age guru” which is something I try to steer clear from. He’s been on Oprah, etc. I realize this is a positive message, but I feel uncomfortable with this somewhat new age cultish feel about it, I prefer my children to be taught Catholic methods of prayer, etc. and this seems so hokey to me, for every kid to wear a purple bracelet and do mantras about positive energy, etc, promoting a worldwide secular program of teaching people to stop complaining. I know, it sounds great, I can’t seem to find any Catholic opinions or reviews about this “program.”

I just wondered if any of you have an educated opinion on this. The website seems positive, but I am very cautious about these self help guru, new age, transform the world with my message of relative morality, and relative truth, types. I mean, our family has Christ to transform and mold our lives, right?

I want the opinion of fellow, faithful Catholics


Well, I don’t know anything about this but from the little I read on there it sounds like he is saying you can make yourself into your own god. That you can control your own destiny. That’s the feel I get from it.

I do agree it has a very new agey feel too it. Someone else will have to provide the details on this one but I’m getting the same feeling as you are.

The “no complaining” aspect is fine as far as it goes, but it’s nothing new in Catholic practice. It’s called “bearing your sufferings patiently.”

I actually ordered one of those bracelets as a reminder to not whine so much. It never arrived.

Oh well. That’s what scapulars are for, anyway (among other things).

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