I need good info sources for birth control


I was so sorry this weekend to hear a young relative of mine is taking Depro-Provera shots (with the authoritative encouragement of her mother who is a nurse).

I have to be careful how I approach this. I don’t want to injure further communications, and her mother once made it clear to me she thinks sexual experimentation and sex with boyfriends before marriage is a healthy and normal initiation into adulthood. This is not a counter-cultural family. This family goes to Episc. Church that is also friendly with popular culture norms.

Her daughter (I’ll call her Martha) is dating a nice responsible young man, and this looks headed for marraige. Martha is nearly done with her challenging academic degree, and her boyfriend just finished his. He is currently away for more than a month. So it might be a good time for Martha to think through some things!

I want to give her good concise clear info! But my google search is flooded with postiive info on birth control and Depro. Its hard to find anything. I did find this:

"Research studies show that breast cancer risk is* almost tripled* for women who used Depo-Provera for 2 years or more before age 25. "

  • and I sure would like more info on that!

Martha gave me her email, and I would like to share with her some basic, brief, yet compelling info, to peak her interest so she will request more info, and I can give her good links at that time.

I would like to be able to source for her what I know in my head. That messing with your cycles that God designed for us is sure to being trouble now and also later. That she is putting her health at great risk (now she is simply satisfied she has not experienced the weight gain that others on her college athletic team experienced on Depro).

Eventually I would like to point her in the direction of Natural Family Planning, and share with her the Jason Evert video “Pure Love”. But I need to open communiations on this delicate matter, without turning her off with a flood of it at first.

So where can I go on the internet to mine some solid info??



Google the phrase ‘Depo Horror Stories’ and you will get what you are looking for.

There used to be a website called Depo Horror Stories, but I don’t see it now when I Google. Maybe it changed names or the person no longer runs the site.

There are several articles on the issues, and the Black Box warning on Depo.

This article is good:

This site has some links:



I recommend having her read the RX insert. If you send her internet links, make sure they are credible ones, and not simply blogs etc. The facts speak for themselves on Depo Provera and it seems like a very scary drug. If she isn`t a practicing Catholic, stress the likely weight gain that comes with the DP shot, along with the other medical side effects.




Thanks! Great links. This will be a good start.



If there is a NFP only OBGYN in your area you might suggest that she go visit him on her next checkup. A good NFP only doctor may have a stronger impact face to face than anything she may read online.


One More Soul is an excellent web site with many articles and free materials about contraception, abortion, sterilization, NFP, IVF, and so on.

Here’s the specific part about contraception which mentions Depo:


Do look around the site, though, there are many wonderful resources.

God bless!


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