I need help and prayers, again


I posted on here awhile back about when to know if I was being attacked by someone else’s demon. It was workplace related and I couldn’t quit for a few different reasons.
Well, the situation got exponentially worse over the past few weeks. I spent almost half my shift praying the rosary and prayer to St. Michael while I was working. The person who has been harassing me got in trouble, again, for his behavior and pinned me in a tight spot with power equipment and screamed at me. I think I have slight hearing loss in my right ear now.
I got HR involved and am waiting on a shift assignment change (if that’s even possible) but it’s been hours with no call back. I am also missing work today with an already skeleton crew and it may fair bad for me but I also risk escalation of physical assault if I go back in on that shift.
Any help and prayers are much appreciated. I was trying to hold out long enough to get my vacation in two weeks that I’ve been trying to take for 3 years now but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.


St. Joseph PLEASE intercede in this situation for jgaw1234.

Our Father
Hail Mary
Glory Be


Thank you. I don’t know how to explain it but your post and prayers brought some peace back to my life that I haven’t felt in months. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel alone anymore.


Oh it’s not me boo, it’s the Holy Spirit. I can do nothing in thought, word or deed for good without the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. God Bless You!


Don’t be afraid or intimidated.
The law - is on your side.
Take notes - with time and dates.
No one - deserves that type of treatment.
Thank God - H.R knows.
They do not want - lawyers - involved.
Be brave. Chin up. St. Micheal prayer.
Holy oil. Etc.


His behavior should be grounds for immediate termination…not a shift change. There should be zero tolerance for verbal abuse and physical intimidation in the workplace. Additionally, retaliation against an employee for a good faith report is not allowed, so unless I’m missing a part of the story, your job should not be at risk.

I am sorry you are going through this. Keep safe and keep HR informed.


You have informed your superiors of the situation, yes? He should be fired immediately.

You could also press criminal charges. His behavior is unacceptable. Do not let this slide…he must be made accountable.

Prayers for you. Please handle this with your boss and don’t back down!


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