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I’m in a discussion with this girl who is speaking of catholicism and christianity, and she has no idea what she is talking about and is acting like she does. What she is saying is so dumb, and I need some Idea’s to set her straight so others don’t look at this and take her opinion which is so inaccurate. This is regarding that episode of trading spouces with that woman who went crazy.

Her Response:

*Honestly, what she believed was ****. That family said grace at the dinner table and went to church with her and put up with her insulting and ignorant attempts to convert them. They asked nothing of her that could be considered inappropriate. All they asked her for was respect.

This woman and her friends offended me, as someone who is Jewish and not Catholic but is dating a Catholic man (who was also offended). Hypnosis and Astrology is not “darkness” and even if she believed that it was, no belief is being forced upon her.

People like her are a detriment to society. I would be embarrassed if anyone from Europe were to see her and think that she is an accurate representation of America. The bible’s interpretation, just like any other document’s, must be adapted as times change. IMHO, it’s best to look at it as a guideline in our daily lives to live morally and treat others with the respect that we’d like to be shown. Just because something is not found in the bible or explicitly promoted in the bible doesn’t make it “darkness”.

I find the “darkness” to be her dislike of education leading to her daughter’s lack of knowledge about birth
control and safe sex.

(And as a matter of fact, if you don’t believe it then IT’S NOT A SIN! It’s not your place, or anyone else’s, to judge the actions of another human being regardless of their religion. That’s just small minded. Judge yourself. It’d help us all)


especially this part!

The bible’s interpretation, just like any other document’s, must be adapted as times change.


[quote=Steven87]especially this part!

The bible’s interpretation, just like any other document’s, must be adapted as times change.

(Edited ad hominem) What i get from what she has said is that religion or indeed other people point of veiw is ok. Unless that religion or point of veiw doesn’t dissagree with hers.To me she is the ignorant one. I’ll like to ghave a convo with her. i’ll have a few choice words to say to her, words that aren’t allowed on this forum.


Isn’t there a verse in the bible that says that the bible is eternal and doesn’t change with time.


since no one replied, I rolled with the punches and replied with this.

PLEASE do not speak about christianity/catholicism if you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about! As a Catholic who has been one my whole life and went to school for 12 years to learn about my religion, and go to church every weekend, I think I can say this with all common knowledge that you are absolutely clueless about christianity. There are so many things wrong with what you just typed that I don’t even know where to start.

  1. They tried to ask for more than just her respect but she didn’t want to be any part of their occult practices, so she didn’t even want to hear what it was about let alone practise it or participate. BECAUSE it goes against her religion.

  2. Christians do believe that Hypnosis and astrology are dark because it centers around the idea of multiple God’s, where chistians believe in only 1 god, so that alone is a good reason why it is seen as dark, it completely goes against everything that the bible stands for and is seen as dark because it steers people away from God and the bible.

  3. The bible is eternal and the beliefs are eternal as is God. Do you think that the bible was created in light of what he wants (and remember kids, God is eternal and knows past present and future) to only change it as time goes on? Sure the beliefs change, as time evolves, for example Lust is a deadly sin and now that we have internet pornography, this sin exists now but it didn’t 20, 30, 100 years ago. The beliefs that the bible centers around are eternal and do not change.

  4. The issue of safe sex or birth control is well known within chirstianity, and it is that you are to be celibate until marriage, and then use “natural family planning” (which is another form of birth control that works just as well as condoms or birth control pills) so for her to tell her kid to have safe sex would once again go against everything she believes in, because it would be premarital. (Please let’s not start an argument concerning safe sex, and celebacy, because I don’t want to start some holy war, or another round of opinions on a subject that has nothing to do with this)

  5. The fact that you say that if you don’t believe something is a sin then it isn’t a sin, is laughable since you seem to be speaking as if you know what you are actually talking about. Sin is sin, and thats what the ten comandments are for, and what the bible is for, it’s to distiguish what exactly is and isn’t a sin, and no where in the bible does it say that you can form your own opinion on what is or is not sin. And you are right we don’t decide what sin is, GOD DOES, and that is exactly what the bible is for.

Please do not speak about christianity as if you are someone who has researched it and knows anything about it because you obviously DO NOT.

Good enough?


I would say it was a very good reply.


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