I need help finding bible veses


Hi I greatly appreciate your help.
I am looking for Bible verses about Jesus and the Church.
I am embarrassed to admit I don’t know where the passages are that talk about; Peter as the Rock, Church as the authority and so on.
In the last week I have come across this, “It’s about a relationship not Religion”
Of course I know it’s about both but if I could site the Bible would make the case.
Thank you


Matthew 16
Matthew 18
Acts 15
1 Timothy 3


A bit more explanation:

Matthew 16:18-19 Peter given the keys to heaven, and the power of binding and loosing.
Matthew 18:15-20 The apostles given the power of binding and loosing sin.
Acts 15 The Church deciding the circumcision question when the scriptures were of no help to Paul.
1 Timothy 3:15 The Church being the “pillar and foundation” of truth.

There are others, but these are the most popular.


Some key subjects are:

  • Authority of the Pope

  • Early Christians were Catholic

  • First Christian Bible was a Catholic Bible

  • Example of the Catholic faith as lived by the Catholic saints

Here are some helpful links to reference:

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You might want to remember that the relationship with Jesus Christ also includes a relationship with His Church, who are the body of Christ. Of course we pray to God, but WE also need to pray to God as a family of God. Think about what we say when we pray the Lords Prayer… “Our” Father who art in heaven… Our is key… Jesus was the initiator of the sacraments so that we would be drawn close to Him as the body of Christ. To leave the Church out of the relationship is forgetting that we also have brothers and sisters who are part of the family of God as well. When two or more are Gathered together He is there in the midst of them. God gathers people together to share in Gods love and that is a sign that the Holy Spirit is present. Religion ties people together in communion with God.


A compendium would help you. All you need is one word of the verse and you will find it; the compendium will show you book, chapter and verse.


I have shared your frustration for years. I have several good Concordances (especially the NAB Concordance-Dictionary which is written in article format), and I love them, but can’t find a reference to relationship. A difficulty is that there are so many separate translations of Scripture–a concordance usually is based on a single translation. Concordances generally provide the scripture locations for key words and/or concepts.
Catholic encyclopedias are similar but usually more limited, but again, I can’t find it in either of mine.
Years ago, to give myself a bit of focus, I decided to concentrate on the Words of Jesus in the Gospels and began writing 3x5 cards for each key word that I felt likely to try to find again in Scripture at some time in the future, or just because I wanted to try to remember it. I keep the deck on my bureau and try to re-read one each morning. Sometimes I get the wonderful feeling that Jesus is talking to me. This has been a great process that I encourage all to consider.
But I don’t have “relationship” as one of my keywords. And it doesn’t sound very Biblical. But it does seem vaguely familiar. Best wishes finding it–if you Google the phrase it will jump right out at you as a “dangerous myth;” I’m debating whether to read further.


In terms of the relationship aspect a couple of good quotes that inspire that train of thought are these:
John 15:4
John 15:7
Rom 8:9-10
And Rom 8:15-16 highlighted below
‘’…but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” 16The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God,’’

2 Cor 1:22

So your conclusion that it is both is correct. In reference to the church here are a couple not mentioned.
Eph 6:12
Jam 1:27
‘‘21Above all principality, and power, and virtue, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come. 22And he hath subjected all things under his feet, and hath made him head over all the church, 23Which is his body, and the fulness of him who is filled all in all.’’ Eph 1:21-23

So the Church and this relationship are the same. Whoever is in Christ is sealed with the Holy Spirit by which they have Christ himself within them testifying to them of their inheritance to come. The same spirit that groans ‘‘Abba! Father!’’ is what let’s us know that Christ is in us and we in Him… And that is His Body. All who are in Christ. We are part of the Body of Christ (the faithful) by the relationship with the Spirit. And this is the Church.


try biblehub.com/
and www.biblelookup.com

I use it online to find verses in the bible.


the verses cited above about adoption are the pinacle verses about relationship with God. We are his children by adoption.


Most Google posts on this were atheist. A few were non-denominational quasi-Christian.


Here is a list that I have put together over the past year or so. Simply verses relating to specific Catholic teachings with references to the Catechism and links to articles and talks on the various subjects.

Hope it is helpful. (It’s also reactive and can be access by most personal devices.

Church as the Body of Christ
Authority of the Church
Apostolic Church
Apostolic Succession
Primacy of Peter

God bless…

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