I need help to join a religous order to join

I just finished my college studied. I have been running away from this call to serve God, but I found out is something I can’t avoid. I don’t fine happiness elsewhere except serving at the alter. Am 26 years and a diploma holder. Am ready to serve God with my body and soul. I pray for help, direction, a mentor to see me through. I need a religious our to join. Any who can help please do. God bless you

You need a spiritual director. Call your parish and see if the priest there has time available. Beyond that I can’t give any other advice.

Benedicat Deus,

Keep praying! I will pray for you, always do Gods will and yes gi talk to a competant, holy spiritual director. God Bless!

You are in Nigeria? Well, there are many wonderful communities there. I worked with both priests and women Religious who were Nigerians, when I was a young priest.

You should reach out to the vocation director in your diocese and ask him to help you and advise you. If you don’t have a spiritual director, perhaps he could help you identify one.

You will be in my prayers.

How’d you get Nigeria?

If so, there are the Vocationist Fathers there: vocationistfathers.org/nigeria/


Thanks I do really appreciate all the help

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