I need help to understand what is happening

Praying for you, D/C. I have a convert friend from a Pentecostal background where they look at Catholics as non(or near-non) Christians. Her entire family and friends were against the move and many see her as “lost”. It was a weird time for her because she was so supremely happy about becoming Catholic but had almost no one except her new Catholic friends/acquaintances to talk about it with.

After a while, a few of her old group quietly came to her and shared that they were happy for her and admitted wondering about it themselves. Most, though, look at her as a puzzle without an answer.

You will likely lose some friends over this, and some family members will treat you coldly at best. But others will surprise you, and you just might lead the way for a few converts yourself.

Take courage-- conversion isn’t easy for everyone. Some are called to really go out on a limb for Him.

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