I need Help with a co-worker


Hello every one,
I’m just going to give a brief description of what I’m dealing with. I have a co-worker who is very anti religion, and anti Catholic, she is currently writing her own version of the bible, and needless to say she’s more intelligent and informed in the wrong way than I (which I’m happy about, I may not be the brightest crayon but at least I know what box I belong in).
Now a topic came up today where she said that in 1952 the Holy Father came out with a statement saying that No women should be allowed to have a pain killer during child birth and that she should suffer through due to Eve’s fallen nature. Now I have never even heard of such a statement and it’s true I haven’t looked for one, I just need to know if there ever was such a statement or if she was confusing it with the birth-control issue:shrug: ?

Now I know I need to study more and I’m going to but if you guys could help out it would be great. :blush:

She also said that Christ shouldn’t have had a beard because he wasn’t married, now wasn’t he married to the Church? Because she thinks there was something else going on. :eek:

Well I look forward to the reply’s.
God bless and thanks


Here’s a suggestion:
Ask her for her sources whenever she makes such a claim.
“The Pope said women shouldn’t be allowed painkillers during labor? In what document does that statement appear, and where may I find a copy?”
“Christ should not have had a beard because he wasn’t narried, you say? Please tell me, what is your source for the statement that single men ought not to have beards? Also, on what grounds does this rule apply to Christ?”


Does anyone recall anything in the Bible that says men are supposed to be clean shaven until they are married? I don’t recall it…
I know Amish men adhere to this practice to avoid any confusion and lust. Men who are married grow beards which is an outward sign to the rest of the community that he is taken.

As far as the comment about the Pope saying that women shouldn’t have pain meds… Definitely make them prove it. If she can’t produce a document tell her to put up or shut up so to speak… If she can’t prove it she has no right to complain about it. If he did say something to that effect, look at it closely… is it a declaration or a suggestion? I could see a suggestion that we offer up the pains of birthing a child for a cause, there is some merit in that, but I don’t think there was ever a declaration that women should never have pain meds in labor.


rule number one in these debates with individuals who have no interest whatever in learning the truth, but initiation discussion with these inane allegations. do not allow them to put you on the defensive. Insist that they follow the commonly accepted rules of intelligent debate, provide authoratative proof and source for their allegation, before you will even respond. When that is forthcoming (and you won’t get it because it didn’t happen) tell her you will then be happy to discuss it. Until then it makes as much sense as debating whether there is life on Mars.


Thanks guys i really need all the help i can get, I figured as much about the documents. I may not know much (due to laziness) but i do know the fundamentals of my religion.

I was trying hard not to laugh at her, but i ended trying to veer the subject so now i’m just going to ask her what her documents are and if she has the links to them.

Please keep the advice coming

God bless


Laziness is bad for you…:whistle:
Check out the Bible Christian Society MP3 downloads and burn them on CDs to listen to and give away. They probably cover some of the very stuff that you need.


I know laziness is bad for me:blush:. but it’s a habit. I’m working on getting into apologetics and theology. I’ll look into those MP3 things.
Thanks and God Bless


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