I need help with God's voice (World Youth Day)?

I would have given a backdrop of my situation, but as I was writing it, I figured it would be too lengthy and beyond the scope of this forum. So to cut things short, a few months ago, I think God “told” me to go to the World Youth Day with my diocese during Mass and after Mass. Yet, even despite this, I faced many difficulties, ranging from the financial aspect, to the renewal of the passport. Even now, I have seemingly just lost my new debit card (I have no idea how that happened!) and I need it to purchase the train tickets to get to the airport. With the exception of the present difficulty I’ve faced, I’ve overcome all of the other difficulties on the way. The finances were sorted with just a few days to spare. My renewed passport arrived 4 days after I prayed to the Divine Infant Jesus of Prague. Hopefully the present situation follows suit and is too resolved.

My main issue is whether God even “called” me to go. I think He did, but now I’m not sure. For instance, my mother keeps saying things along the lines of “I really wish you didn’t go”. It’s important to take this into context - she’s quite paranoid over the welfare of her children, even more so in this case that they are abroad on their own. I wouldn’t say she is a fully catechized Catholic as she has many Protestant biases from her past association with Pentecostalism. But that’s a different story. She said, “if God told you to go, why didn’t He appear to me [her] in a dream and tell me He wanted you to go”? She also rhetorically remarked, “did God appear in front of you and tell you He wanted you go”? Another thing she doesn’t know is that I’ve forked out quite a lot of money over this (although my parish helped). Sometimes when I’m walking, I think to myself: Was I even called to attend, and I paint this mental picture of God being subtly angry and shouting “You were never called; it was all in your head”! That said, on the contrary, I believe God spoke through my priest once - “Don’t worry. I really want you to go. It’ll be very beneficial for you, and I strongly believe you should go. Take care”, or somewhere closely along those lines.

I think God speaks to me, but it’s hard to describe. It’s like, I get this “thought” in my head. No visions or whatever. Just a series of logical deductions of some sort. It’s embarrassing for me to talk about this, so please bear with me. I don’t enjoy speaking about it because it makes me appear crazy, but I’m not crazy. We don’t have mental illness running in our family. I just know that sometimes God tells me to do something, and I have to do it. For example, I missed Mass for a certain reason for about 2 weeks. Then one week God told me to go to the next Mass on Sunday. How little did I know that when I attended the next one, a Mass was being said in my honour for my trip to the World Youth Day, and I was to get a special blessing from the priest!? I would have missed it had it not been the case, and it would have been shameful to both me and the priest.

Is this really all in my head? Does God speak to me? It would be very upsetting if I wasn’t called at all to the event, as it would mean I’ve wasted so much of my time, effort and money on the event.

Please offer advice or personal experiences you have. Preferably, I don’t want comments such as “see a spiritual director”. I don’t feel I need to have one, and frankly, I don’t want to share this with him. This is something I don’t really want to talk too much about.

I hope you will follow the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and go to World Youth Day.

As for a personal experience, when I was unemployed in 2008, I made a visit to the Blessed Sacrament in a Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. Things looked very bleak. I let the Lord know that I wanted to work as a Technical Writer, that I realized this didn’t seem possible, and asked Jesus what I should do, letting Him know I would be open to alternatives.

About an hour or so later, I was walking around the small lake in my apartment complex on a sunny day with gorgeous clouds. Suddenly, an inspiration came to me from out of the blue to go and sell my pictures on a nearby resort island. Similar to how you described God communicated to you. I had never done anything like professionally selling artwork before, had no experience, and no idea where to start. I was basically a hobbyist photographer having fun. So I could have laughed the whole thing off as crazy.

Instead, a few minutes later, I called a bed-and-breakfast inn on the island to make reservations there (yes, while unemployed and wondering about money) and announced to the innkeeper that I wanted to sell my pictures. Now she’d never seen my work, she just knew I’d stayed with her before on vacation and that I liked nature / birdwatching. Her answer to me was, “Hey, someone just opened up a small art gallery store on the island, and there’s an art show in a few weeks. Why don’t you set up a card table and sell your work?”

At my very first art show ever, my card table collapsed with a bang at the end of the event, so I left the card table on the island. Made a bit of money though …

As of today, my work has been on exhibit in five art galleries … one of my photos is currently on display this summer in a museum!

Praying you will find your debit card.

~~ the phoenix

It’s impossible to know whether God is speaking to you or not. There is only one being that can truly answer that question and that is the Father Himself :slight_smile:

What I would say is not to automatically distrust what you hear and experience. It doesn’t sound crazy to me at all but perhaps that is also because I hear God and the Virgin Mary speak to me in an interior way. I actually am mentally ill but that doesn’t seem to account for what I experience. My psychiatrist has no way of explaining those particular voices and even once suggested I’d be better off seeing a priest rather than him! :smiley: I am now under the care of a hospital chaplain with whom I will be talking through these voices and seeing what he makes of them. Though I suffer from psychosis, they don’t seem to be part of the psychosis.

People see and experience God in different ways in their lives. Some will see God in nature. Some will see God in other people. Some will feel Him working actively in their minds and hearts :slight_smile:

I’d say all these things going wrong isn’t necessarily a sign that you weren’t called to attend WYD. It could be that the Devil doesn’t want you to go and is playing around with your things and mind.

Peace :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’re crazy at all. What it sounds like is that you had an interior inspiration from God to go to WYD! :smiley: If I were you I would just go and enjoy being with millions of other young Catholic’s. Who knows how the WYD experience will change your life. I have had heard many stories of people who have had their lives changed at WYD and many vocations that have come from it as well.

As for personal experience I only have one to tell. When I was praying in front of the crucifix that I have in my room I interiorly understood in my soul the words “I long for you” and the idea to go to the Eucharistic Adoration Chapel at few blocks away from my house popped into my head. I just knew that Our Lord longed for me to spend some time with Him in Adoration and so I took His inspiration seriously, quickly showered, got dressed and was out the door in less than a half an hour flat.

When something is of the Lord it is often like a still small voice you don’t hear but understand in the depths of your soul.

All the best to you on your journey to WYD. Make sure to tell us all the details when you get back!!!

God bless :smiley:

Bohm Bawerk- First of all let me say I don’t think you are crazy or mentally unstable.

Yes, I think God speaks to you and He may be telling you to go to WYD2012. You might have some of your questions answered there.

To be honest with you Bohm Bawerk, I think God speaks to all of us in His own way and it could be different ways.

An older thread titled “How does God speak to you?”


God, has spoken to me in different ways too. Mass, Scripture, People, other means, and as silly and ridiculous as this may sound through CAF.

So, to answer your question Bohm Bawerk.

Yes. Go. Pray…Don’t forget to Pray for all of us here on CAF too.

God bless,

If you do go…do not worry about whether you were called or not because nothing, however big or small, that we do to honor God will go unappreciated or unrewarded by Him.

God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them. (Hebrews 6:10 NIV)

God bless you and have a safe fun trip if you go.


Should we be watching out for this? Or have no worries:


In general, in order to determine God’s will - pray. It’s a very important part of the discernment process.

I think obstacles are placed in front of us at times in order to make us turn to God to overcome them. The saints experienced many obstacles in their endeavors.

Good luck at WYD.

My 22 year old daughter will be there - just look for the glowing nun!


Hopefully you’re in Spain now and not able to read this! But I want to share an answer in case it benefits someone else.

St. Theresa of Avila’s book “Interior Castle” deals with this subject in one of the earlier chapters (forget which chapter). There are some ways to discern whether these words were from God. For example if they were from God the experience won’t be easily forgotten. There were more but I forget now.

Was this more of a case of “this idea popped into my head” like one might have for regular day-to-day problems, or was it more like actual words transplanted directly into your imagination/consciousness? Either way it could be from God.

It sounds like you’re uncertain about what to think and confused… at times like this, it’s often good to just surrender the situation to God, tell Him you trust in Him and ask Him to figure it out for you. I don’t just mean making it possible for you to go to WYD… but also helping you discern His will for that. I hope that helps. Sometimes we can be very sure that God had told us something, and maybe He has, or maybe He has not, but our trust should be simply in Him… that He knows the truth, and can lead us to His will. Sometimes when God tells us an answer for sure, we have absolutely no doubt that it is from Him. God bless :slight_smile:

Bohm Bawerk sent me a PM was on the 10th of August stating he was preparing to leave for WYD 2011

Praying for Bohm Bawerk and for everyone at WYD 2011.


God bless,

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