I need help with Traditionalism, please!


See here for a synopsis by Cardinal Avery Dulles on the issue of salvation outside the catholic Church. It clarifies some issues raised in this thread.



CAF has a Traditional subforum here you can ask questions. Just be aware that there are those there that are not faithful to the Holy Father and others, like myself, that are not traditionalist there. On balance, most of the posters are solid Catholics that are knowledgable in Traditional Catholicism.

Avoid those that engage in extreme rhetoric (“liberal” or modernist" name-calling) and link to schismatic sites.


The word “modernist” is not the result of an “extreme rhetoric”.

It is used by the last holy pope (Hl. Pius X.) to determine some catholics that are not conform to catholic faith.

The Anti-“modernist” oath was asked from EVERY catholic cleric.

Look inside this oath:

And follow it and don’t be modernist.

We shouldn’t declare each other as heretical and schismatic only because of different theologies inside the church. We should follow the church and its magistry.

You should sent away people that declare others “schismatic” because they don’t like the opinion of others. That’s an “extreme rhetoric”.


Yes, I know the word itself was used. I was referring, though, to name-calling if you will notice my context. First, the word was used in a classic sense to refer to the nineteenth century modern philosophical movement which was denounced as a heresy. That is not the use that is mostly used here. It is more the equivalent of the 50’s use of calling people a “commie” because they weren’t as patriotic as one thought they should be. I have seldom seen anyone here called a modernist where the person was tied to the philosphical heresy denounced by St. Pius X. Here it is used to label people as a heretic without violating the forum rule against that particular word.


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