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…finding some information. :o

I spend a lot of time on another message board in addition to this one, and it is not a Catholic board. There is a group of believers (all Christian but not Catholic, though many non-Christians/non-believers read the thread but very rarely post) and we often have topic discussions. Tomorrow we may discuss artificial insemination/the creation of embryos for implantation. (We really feel like we’re witnessing and others are seeing the love of Jesus through us :smiley: – and I’m trying my best to share the truth of our Catholic faith with others, especially our Christian brothers and sisters ;))

I know why the teaching of the Church is what it is, but I’m looking for some links/summaries of teachings that will provide enough information to accurately explain the Church’s stance while not overwhelming people (who aren’t Catholic). I’m hoping to give enough information that people will follow the links and be able to learn more if they so desire, or to contact me privately if they want.

I have a feeling the issue of contraception and sexuality will also come up since we’ll be discussing pregnancy. I haven’t read The Good News About Sex and Marriage by Christopher West yet :rolleyes: but I understand the basics and have listened to one of his talks. I also have a basic understanding of the Theology of the Body, but again, I’m looking for some summaries to spur interest and some good resources to point to. So far I’m only finding inks to where the books can be purchased, and that’s not going to be very helpful.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be most appreciative! :smiley:




This should get you started…



I personally like referencing the Catechism as much as possible…
It’s concise… and is the best source for the “teachings” of the Catholic Church…

Here are the specific sections that may be relevant to your discussion…




Here’s something to get you started:

Catholic Educator’s Resource Center always has good articles on many different topics. Here are their articles on in vitro fertilization.

Catholic Culture is another great resource for articles. Here are their articles on in vitro fertilization.

EWTN also has a great library of articles. You can do a search for in vitro fertilization and 15 articles show up. This one seems particularly relevant. (As does this one, this one, and this one).

Catholics United for the Faith has many “Faith Facts” answering different questions, including one on Reproductive technologies.

Sorry that I don’t have time to comment on which ones might be the most helpful, but I thought this would at least give you some good places to begin your search! :wink:


The encyclical Donum Vitae was written specifically to address this issue, and the catechism references are based on it. You can find the encyclical online.


Thank you everyone! :smiley:

I was certainly going to use the Catechism, but also wanted some other resources as well. I’m off to read now…if anyone has anything else, please share! :smiley:


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