I need Help

I am a medium who can see only demonic entities. I can do more but right now I have found through a friend Kenneth Deel that I have occult demons clinging to me and have tried to commit me to necromancy and since I refused they have been blocking about 70% of my god givin gifts. Does anyone have any sacremental prayers that I could try to rid myself of these demons. Conventional prayer has only gotten them to attack which they cant effect me but those around me they have been hurting. Please help as my friend Kenneth has tried to send some to me but we both agree that those e-mails are being blocked and lost somehow and we think it may be them doing it as he has been attacked while helping me.

I entrust you to Jesus. May the Angels of God surround all.


First of all, Welcome to the Forum…we are here to help each other.

Please go to your local parish and talk to a Priest.

We will be praying for you.

I would talk to my parish priest ASAP and also if you can find all the prayers you can to St. Michael and pray them often I would also suggest wearing a blessed Cross and a blessed St. Michael medallion you can wear. You might also want to think about getting holy water to keep on hand as well so that you may bless yourself when needed.

Praying for you…

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