I need help! :(


Whenever I hear about people not believing in God, it sways my belief. Sometimes I’ll hear about something and then begin to doubt God, and I am in complete despair. It’s horrible to feel this way. For instance, I was thinking about the story of Adam and Eve, and I was also thinking about the primitive human skeletons that scientists found, and I wondered how both of them could be real? Sometimes I have a very hard time believing, andI don’t know why. When I do believe, I feel wonderful, like nothing can touch me , but when I don’t I feel like I could die and it wouldn’t matter, and like nothing matters. The changes in faith are really dramatic and drastic, to the point of it being frightening. I’ve prayed to God for guidanceand the help I have received has never completely sealed my faith.
Do you have any advice or help for me?
What do you think the problem is?

Thank you.


My dear riend

Faith is a free gift from God. Just go full bore into your faith and you’ll keep receiving more and more faith. Go to mass more often, very frequent reception of holy communion and confession, pray a lot each day incl. rosary and meditation, read more -especially gospels and spiritual books and study apologetics - look up the answers to your questions, make sacifices and give alms. pester God to increase your faith ever day. Bit by bit you’ll be adding bicks to your house until its complete. Each brick is more faith and when the house is complete youll have a big strong brick house that will be hard to knock down. You get out of your faith what you put into it, and the more you put ino it the more you get out of it. Hope this helps.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



Again ashka, I recommend that you talk to your priest and ask that he be your spiritual director or help you find one. I also recommend confession as despair is a very serious matter.

As for the skeletons and such - they could both be real as long as no one before Adam and Eve had a soul. If a Catholic wants to believe God used evolution, it is allowed as long as true living with a soul starts with Adam and Eve.

I pray that God bless you and guide you to the help you need. That you focus on his voice alone. :signofcross:

I recommend you read Psalm 62 as well.

Keep us updated.:hug3:
Christ’s peace.


Mel said basically the same thing I would say, which is this:

The first people of spiritual significance whom we know God dealt with on that level were Adam and Eve.

Mood swings such as you describe are a sign of clinical depression, which is a PHYSICAL disease, not a spiritual one or moral failure.


Study the Faith and seek out a confessor, by God’s grace. :slight_smile:


Good afternoon Ashka ,

I can understand especially in this day and age why you would sometimes question your faith .Even Mother Teresa had her doubts .I was about to leave the Catholic church .My father knew about this and gave me some books to read on apologetics .they helped me back in the church.I started to read scripture and the more I read the more I knew that not only there is a God but he is in the Catholic Church ,and not only that but we worship him his way .The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ .John chapter 6 :55 "my flesh is true food and my blood is true drink. "John 6:66 many of his disciples left because they took it literally as we do but they could not handle.Jesus would have called them back to tell them it was a symbol if it were.Now Biblicly we are the faith and it would be good for you to read the Gospel according to Matthew ,Mark , Look and John .Im telling you that the Bible made my faith stronger then ever .Now, what the messages said were good but knowlege is strong.1st Peter 3:15 tells us to always be ready to give an explanation for our hope.The more I learned the stronger my faith got and the more excited I got about learning more.There are Eucharistic miracles you can research such as the case of Lanciano in Italy of the Bleeding Eucharist.you can also study about cases of Stigmata and exorcisms.These contribute to proof of Gods existance as well.

Peace be with you and you are in my prayers,Frankie


Thanks so much for all your help. More advice is welcome if you have it. :slight_smile:


Dear Ashka,

I must first tell you this. I am not an expert on science or theology by any means. I am an 18-year-old college student. I am a devout Catholic, yes, but my knowledge in science and faith is much more limited than, say, a theologist or a Catholic scientist.

Your worries about your faith in God are understandable. I highly doubt that you are in the minority of Catholics. Other than maybe someone like the Pope, probably every Catholic has had their doubts (I can not verify this, but, as I have had doubts myself, I can at least speak for myself).

I do have some theories on evolution, the universe, and the faith, however, and I think they are reasonable. Allow me to explain.

As Christians, we believe that God is a) Eternally existing, with no end and no beginning. b) Is all-loving of all people, be it a completely innocent child or the most hardened criminal
c) Is all-knowing, yet allows us free will, and d) Is all-powerful in all ways.

Let’s look at “d” now. We know that God is all powerful. Contrary to the logical conundrum, I think God can make a rock so heavy He can’t lift it and still lift it, somehow. His power defies logic yet is a mastery of logic as well.

Now, it is widely accepted in the scientific community that the Universe began approximately 13,730,000,000 (13 billion, 730 million) years old, give or take 120 million years. The observable Universe (that which we can detect) is believed to be about 93,000,000,000 (93 billion) light years in diameter, or about 546,712,590,000,000,000,000,000 miles, or 546 sextillion, 712 quintillion, 590 quadrillion miles. To put this perspective, there are approximately 1 sextillion grains of sand on Earth. And the observable universe is not all of the universe. I have read somewhere that some scientists believe that if the entire universe was the size of the planet Earth, the observable universe would be the size of a quarter. This is an incredible large size and age, and I accept those numbers to be fact. But it all pales in comparison to God. If God wanted, he could make himself bigger than it all, he could make himself infinitely big.

Now, if God, in His majesty, can create this incredibly beautiful, massive, and aged universe, who’s to say he could not have created evolution to form life here on Earth? Isn’t it possible that God could have made Adam and Eve millions of years ago, and the creation story is more symbolic than literal?

God can do more than science allows because God created that which science studies! Science doesn’t rule God, God rules science! The discoveries of these extremely old skeletons only is more proof of God in my mind.


My dear friend

Some very good arguments you’ll like are on a brief page on my website www.heavensmessengers.org just go to the link top-middle called - inherit eternal life.
Let me know if it was useful.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:



That is a GREAT website! Thanks so much! :extrahappy:


Lets hope those bicks are fired clay and not just formed clay ! Otherwise it won’t hold up too well!!!lol!:smiley:
Just kidding, John!! I DO agree with you though



I don’t think there’s anything in science that goes against our faith, except when scientists misunderstand the evidence they find and their theories can be wrong. (science is not infallible at all.)

Try to not pay attention to what other people say or if someone doesn’t believe… if they don’t believe, pray for them, but don’t let that make you doubt your own faith. Faith is a gift. The reason much of the world doesn’t believe is because the world is fallen. God gave us faith and it’s a precious gift. God bless you :slight_smile:


Well when it comes down to the book of Genesis, the Hebrews wrote it during their exile to Babylon to remember that they are God’s chosen people. I wouldn’t take the book as 100% true. Remember that the gospel writers wrote their gospels at least 300 years AFTER Christ’s death. It isn’t a verbatim recollection of Jesus.

However, I am not trying to convince you that there is no God. If you feel a god, than you feel a god. Don’t let people take that away. Just remember not to believe everything that is in the Bible and that it is important to question everything you are told. As long as you search for the ultimate truth you will be saved. At least that’s what I got out of it.



I hope you realise you are on a Catholic forum. The OP is asking for advice from people who have a strong faith and can offer some serious advice that is above ‘if you feel god, there is god.’ Please be respectful of this fact.



This is not the thread to debate when the Gospels were written and I think it would be kinder if you left the religious advice up to those in the religion.

Christ’s peace.


Remember that the gospel writers wrote their gospels at least 300 years AFTER Christ’s death.

Not so.

c. 30-33 - The death and resurrection of Jesus

c. 35 - The conversion of Paul

40s or 50s - James

c. 45-49 - Paul’s first missionary journey

Sometime between 48 and 58 - Paul writes Galatians

c. 50-53 - Paul’s second missionary journey

50s - Paul writes Titus

50s or 60s - Mark written

50s or 60s - Matthew written

51 - Paul writes 1 and 2 Thessalonians

c. 53-57 - Paul’s third missionary journey

Spring of 55 - Paul writes 1 Corinthians

56 - Paul writes 2 Corinthians

c. 57 - Paul writes Romans

c. 60 - Paul writes Colossians, probably while in prison in Rome

c. 60 - Paul writes Philemon, probably while in prison in Rome

c. 60 - Paul writes Ephesians, probably while in prison in Rome

c. 61 - Paul writes Philippians, while in prison in Rome

Early 60s - Luke written

c. 62 - Paul is free

c. 62-64 - Luke writes Acts

c. 62-64 - Paul writes 1 Timothy

July 18-19, 64 - The Great Fire of Rome. Emperor Nero blamed the Christians, and a great persecution ensued.

Mid 60s - 1 Peter written

c. 64-68 - Paul writes 2 Timothy from prison

c. 67-68 - 2 Peter

c. 68 - Hebrews is written

June 9, 68 - The death of Nero. Sometime between the Great Fire of Rome and the death of Nero, both Peter and Paul were martyred.

c. 69 - Jude

70 - The Seige of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple

c. 85 - John written

Late First Century - 1, 2, and 3 John

c. 95-96 - John writes Revelation


I dont know what message you are trying to get acrossed but the first sentence you put out there about the Hebrews is your opinion and the 300 years after Christ Gospel writings is completely innacurate .The Gospel according to Matthew was written shortly after Marks around 70 AD.Luke was dated around 80 to 90 AD and John around 90-100 AD.
Now the Whole New and Old testament were put together around 393 AD .This Girl asked for help in faith not a scientific explanation that will push her farther away.


And how many of them personally knew Jesus?


Can’t I search for the truth also? I’m just as lost as anyone. Who knows, I may find God again. I don’t know how my advice isn’t serious. You shouldn’t believe everything you are told nor should you deny it without investigation and introspection. How can your advice be more valid than mine? You may believe that you are right do but the fact of the matter is that no one knows what’s right. .


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