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Hi.I nt know if this is the riht threa.I had posted and asked for advice concernin my relationhip.Well ihave a great worry now.My fiance and I decided to abstain from sex till marriae.We had once been involved in it but decided to stop.It was moving for sometime.But i realised that there was smething lacking.I felt incomplete.There was tension in the relationship.I love him so much.Its unfrotunate that yesterday we culd not resist each other.I dnt want sex to be like a solution to our tension and misunerstanding.We really want to reach our goal.Please avice us and above ll pray for us.I am ashamed t pray or go before the blessed sacrament.

When are you to be married? How about moving up the date ASAP?

Hi there

I will pray for you both. As you are preparing for marriage I’d suggest to talk to your parish priest, or another Catholic priest and get advice asap - it’ll be a huge weight off your mind and conscience. If you’re marrying in the Church, you would have to go for marriage preparation anyway - I’m sure it’s invaluable and it may help to get your heads and hearts in the right place.

**Go to confession as soon as possible **and ask the priest for advice on staying pure before your marriage. It’s really hard, but I find we often put ourselves in situations where it’s even harder to say no - you might want to talk to your fiance about this and try and avoid certain things like spending the night etc.

Just remember Jesus loves you both - nothing can ever change that. Don’t let your guilt pull you from God - turn to God, pray, go to confession and ask God for help. Also, pray to Our Lady and St Maria Goretti and ask them to pray for you guys and help you stay on the right track.

Breathe, and pray - God is right there with you :slight_smile:

this is an extremely good decision that will strenghtnes your faith.
Of course you are nervous. You have to accept you could become nervous and it is expecially this that makes your decision even more worthed. You are renouncing to something that both of you are willing to fdo in the name of something that is higher then your own desire and subjective push to satisfaction. You will gain a lot from this. Much more then you can expect.
Your human relation can suffer but your soul relation will be improved. In front of you I am sure in your marriage will be verry happy moments but also I hope only very few hard times.
Marriage is not just to be happy is to live togher. Sometimes it is easy to do a faulse analogy since for many young or recent couple living togeter is happines.
You are not choosing only to be happy togheter but also to be unhappy and to struggle togheter. This must be extremely clear.
This initial suffering is part of it. But you are togheter this is the most important aspect. You will soon get to the mistery not only of being togheter but of being one flesh.

For what you have done you can condem your weaknes but you can repent and be fogiven by the Lord and by yourself. You will never have the power to do something behond Lord misericordy, if you truly repent.
Never justify yourself, in justification there is no place any more for Lord forgiveness.
And remember if your heart comdems you,as St. John said, the Lord heart’s is bigger then yours. He knows you are not perfect.

My little prayer is with you both

You have gotten very good advice, esp about going to confession so that you will fix your relationship with Christ, Who suffered greatly for you.

You and your fiance can go together to Mass and to pray in the church and ask for help in keeping your mutual resolution as well as praying on your own. But you two must also avoid being alone in places which could tempt you to sin. The time to stop a temptation is at the very beginning, not after it’s grown onn you a bit.

What you two are doing is very very good, and will strengthen your marriage and make your wedding day more special.

My thoughts exactly. :thumbsup:

I think that what you describe is a common temptation in relationships. The best advice I have is what I’m sure you’ve already been told: go to confession, and pray. Personally that’s what has helped me deal with my temptations. God understands our weaknesses. Talk to Him about it, He always listens.

You and your fiance are in my prayers! God bless you and your fiance!

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