I need help

I need help. I paid for a set of 10 fitness DVDs online and never received them by post. I was thinking that if I find them online and downloaded them it would not be illegal for me since I paid for them and did not receive them. I got close to the end of downloading them and decided to just stop the download and delete them.

I did view quickly a couple of them as I was downloading them to see how they were. I never used them and never completed the whole download. Do I have anything to worry about. Is this a sin of grave matter or only treated as venal sin since I did paid for it only wanting to get what I paid for.

How could that be sin at all?

No sin there. Relax and be at peace.

I recall you posting about this before, when you were thinking about downloading the DVDs. People advised you to contact the company you ordered them from and tell them that the parcel has not been delivered (they’ll have a customer service number or email address on their website). You can’t justify online theft just because a hard copy you paid for hasn’t turned up! It doesn’t work like that, as people explained previously to you, if I recall correctly.

Just forget about this downloading attempt, you don’t need to get over-anxious about it. Go through the proper channels and get them legally from the company you ordered them from in the first place. :slight_smile:


If you contact the company, I’m sure they’ll send you another set of the DVDs.

Because you’re taking something that’s not yours from someone who’s distributing it illegally.

If the company has the sole rights to distribute their material, and you take it from someone else, then you’re stealing. There are two distinct questions here, and the fact that the OP paid for materials he didn’t receive doesn’t mean that illegally downloading the materials is suddenly legal (or virtuous).

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