I need help!


Hello, my name is Alex and Im 13. Lately ive been looking at impure photos. [edited] It causes me to masturbate and I am really mad each time I look at these images. I view them for uneeded sexual excitement. The thing is, I really want to get to confession, but I don’t know how to ask my parents. I have stopped veiwing this material, but I need to know how to ask without embarassment? Or should I just wait for our monthly visit? Thats the thing…because of my actions, I have fear of the end of he world. I really wnt to turn to God and whenever I sin I really want to punch the devil really hard (I have some anger issues occasionally) and going to hell would kill me…what do you think about all of this?


Hi, Alex.

Your parents know what happens to boys at age 13. They were teens once themselves too. That doesn’t mean you have to go into detail, but they understand.

I would tell your mom or dad that you’ve got some stuff really bothering you, and that you want to go to talk to the priest about it this week in confession. Tell them that you want to ask the priest how to handle it before you say any more to anyone, because you don’t want someone to get the wrong idea.

You don’t have to say any more than that.

I think they’ll be very proud they have a son whose heart is in the right place.

You can ask the priest for his recommendation on what to say to your mom or dad, and how to say it. He was once a 13 year old boy himself.

God bless.


Hello Alex,

Are you using a family computer or your own device? Could you put your computer in a public setting so it won’t be as tempting?

I had issues with inappropriate sites. First, I downloaded a site block application and put all the sites on there that I would look at. You also might consider a porn blocking/virus download.

Second, the compulsions to keep going back again can be linked to shame and frustrations in your life that you are looking to handle. You might want to think about what is going on in your life and identify them and start thinking about ways to cope better.

For going to Confession, I would talk to your parents in that you want to deepen your devotion and that you have a desire to go more often is important to that devotion.

You might be over-reacting as well.



You’re a good lad whose heart is in the right place. You know right from wrong and you’re coming to the stage of your life when there’ll be lots of temptation. Don’t worry. :slight_smile:

Have a guy-to-guy chat with your Dad and ask his advice and tell him you want to go to Confession. Don’t be embarrassed; I can promise you that your Dad has had these feelings, too. Maybe there wasn’t the easy access to impure material in his day but he can help you with that too, by installing a filter on your home computer.

When you’ve confessed; try to read all you can about St. Joseph, who is the role model for pure and gentlemanly behaviour for young Catholic boys and men. For fun; look up The Catholic Gentleman meme. The quotes and images are wonderful.

Yes; you sinned but you have certainly repented and will be forgiven. Now that you have learnt how easy it is for a bikini picture to lead to far darker and deeper waters; you’ll be more careful. You’ll be fine; take care. x


You need to be very careful if you are looking at Internet porn … it can really mess with your head and it is WAY more dangerous than looking at the pictures in Playboy magazine. Don’t just assume your dad will understand … they didn’t have this when he was your age. Get to confession but also try to find somebody who you can talk to about this.


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