I need help!

How to get grants money from the government or private foundations ?

I’m not sure about the procedures to get money from the government, but I write proposals to private foundations for a living. What do you want to know? If you want, you can PM me.

Ford Foundation support individuals ( grants for individuals and scholarships ), programs related to health, education, economic development and community. **NM Warburg foundation **provides small business grants, it also support of individuals and familys ( scholarships, grants for women, housing grants, personal grants ) **NM Warburg **is famous not only as a financier and philanthropist but also as a philosopher. Bill Gates-great philanthropist, but makes global grants focused on libraries, global health and global education. Lilly, Soros, Nobel and W.K. Kellogg Foundation makes global grants focused on peace, population, arts, global health and education.

you contact the foundation and ask for guidelines on grant proposals, do your research, write and submit your proposal and wait. google on the topic of your grant and foundation will probably give you good list of foundations that fund the type of project you are considering.

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