I need ideas for a book!

Hey Everyone!
I do a lot of fictional writing in my free time, and I am ready to start writing another book. Does anyone have any ideas for a plot line?

What genre?

I would say thriller or action adventure.

How about a post plague ridden world were the protaganist spends his time trying to give the dead a proper burial.

Just a thought.:smiley:

Welcome to the Forums! Just to let you know, however, that there are a LOT of fiction writers on these Forums, and we MAY not wish to share our ideas with you! :wink:

Are you thinking of a book with a Catholic theme or flavor to it? You might peruse some published works in the genre you’re interested in and ask yourself, “How wouId a Catholic perspective work in this story?” It’s been said there are no new plots, but there are millions of ways at looking at a plot and coming up with a refreshing “take” on a well-worn subject.

Good luck! :thumbsup: And keep writing!

I’ve written four novels, and if I come up with a great idea, I’m using it myself.

However, I will give you some advice in searching for a story.

First, carry a small notebook with you at all times so that if you get an idea, you can write it down. This is especially helpful once you have your basic idea and are in the developmental stage.

Second, one place you can look for ideas is in books of quotations. I’ve found that quotations are often a story’s theme expressed in a nutshell.

Third, a few books I recommend: *The First Five Pages *by Noah Lukeman, *Self-Editing for Fiction Writers *by Renni Browne and Dave King, *The Synonym Finder *by J.I. Rodale, and a good baby-naming book (for naming your characters).

Hope this helps!

Here’s an idea, off the top of my head. How gutsy are you?

The story of one of the pederast priests, told first-person. He’s a conflicted soul, hating what he does, but unable to overcome it. Fearful of hell, wondering why his hands don’t burn when touching the consecrated Host, stuff like that.

Actually I just realized while writing this, as someone mentioned “there are no new plots”-- that’s the premise of The Scarlet Letter, isn’t it?

ug, I could never read that!!! yuck.

I actually really like apocalyptic type novels.

What if The United States’ population/civilization was totally wiped out by a virus/civil war? In fact, the whole world was wiped out except for a group in Australia (we need an English speaking people for a book in English, right?). After a long period, the Australian group is in sufficient numbers and resources to start resettling the world.

A corporate group decides to resettle in an area of the United States that has been found to be suitable. When they arrive, they find that there was a pocket of survivors–living completely in harmony with Gospel principles (Catholic, of course).

What will happen–will the pocket of Christian survivors convert the Settlers Or will the Christians be assimilated into the settler culture. Or will they resettle somewhere else?

It would be like the American Natives vs. the Europeans all over, but reversed.

Or, you Fantasy/Sci fi. it. The survivors have some kind of mutation that allowed them to survive, but also gave them some sort of power–magic??

If you’re at all interested in historical fiction, this thread on historical movies people would like to see has a lot of ideas that might get the creative juices flowing.

Rebirth, by John Wyndham is close to that. Great novel.

of course, there can’t be any new stories, can there? Aren’t they all variations of a few?

I also like redemption stories as long as they aren’t overly melancholic. I like coming of age stories, too.

How about an apocalyptic, coming of age, redemption story?

My brother has a thing for time travel stories. He likes the paradoxes.

How about a time travelling, coming of age hero who must redeem the past by renewing the world after the apocalypse?

i like my idea. i’ve never seen it in a book before.:smiley:

Duuude. I used to sell those for five bucks each. :wink:

Hey, can I have five bucks for my idea!?!?

very good ideas :thumbsup:
“o’ brother where art thou?” was based on Homer’s illiad iirc…
i often thought that any of the classics could be re done with a modern twist and many wouldn’t recognize the plot.
or take an opera and re-write as a novel in a different time-period.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that… :smiley:

Maybe my idea’s only worth a nickel :o :stuck_out_tongue:

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