I need opinions and advice on this AWFUL anti-catholic sentiment that i received at school


Ok…Soo the other day at school religion came up because that is my life and i love talking about Christ and my faith. So we are all conversing about joining this Christian Association at our school. So this kid says to me “What denomination are you?” , and I proudly replied, “I’m Catholic.” He gets this horrified look on his face and says “OH” practically gasping for air like he’s dying. I said “Whats wrong?” and he gave me this big hooplah about how we worship Mary and yaddah yaddah…and I explained to him that we look at her as an intercessor and that no we dont “worship her” He asked me if we had prayers to her and I said yes, we hold her at high reverence because after all she is the mother of Christ…and he says to me “Praying to Mary is like praying to an empty milk-jug” I said “excuse me” He said “Mary is no more important than an empty milk jug” What would be a proper rebuttle for this? Very very curious…Also just give me your reactions and opinions on this.:mad:


I’d rebut that by walking away, personally. A what? It doesn’t make any sense.


Are you asking what he said she was…? If so he meant like an empty milk container lol


well the Catholic Church is NOT a denomination it is the true Church started by Jesus Christ everything else is a denomination. and you have come to the right place for answers, when dealing with people of different faiths you have to take statements one at a time and deal with them otherwise they will throw 20-30 statements at you and confuse you, also if you are not sure about an answer tell them you will find out and get back to them, and do get back , lastly if you go to apoligetics section you will find your answers there maybe even in old threads I am sure it has been discussed before, good luck & hold fast to the true Church


First, ask him what he believes happens to our souls after death. Do they go to be with Jesus, or do they sleep until the second coming?

If he says they sleep, then tell him we do not believe that, then go on:

If your pastor died, and his soul is with Jesus, do you think you could still ask him to pray for you?

If you do, then why can’t you ask Jesus’ Mother to pray for you?

Then demonstrate the Hail Mary to him by saying it and then repeating it with Scripture citations:

“Hail, Mary, full of grace…” Lk 1:28 (RSV)

“…blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.” Lk 1:42. All we added was the names, Mary and Jesus.

“Holy Mary, mother of God, pray for us now and at the hour of our death.” All we ask of her is to pray for us.

You could add that there are some practices in the Church that can look, at first glance, like worship of Mary, but a deeper study will show that’s not so. And that there may be a few people in the Church that do worship Mary, but they are mistaken; we know that is idolatry.




well considering “jesus” plagiarized and bastardized the pagan religion, why does it matter? i also love how you take the typical stance of ignore the question at hand. what the OP should be questioning is why worship a solar messiah in the first place? is it any different from worshiping ra? history would show otherwise. also, ive been dieing to ask an -]idiot/-] catholic – how does it feel to be a part of a **Denomination ** of the christian faith that is the sole cause of deaths for MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of innocent people through out the known history of man kind?


:mad: I double dog dare your associate to call his mother “just a milk jug”. As a mother myself, I find that very offensive!


HAHA! that would get the point across. I completely understand being offended because thats what Mary is, a mother to all of us. And thats like saying mothers are not important. And Mothers ARE extremely important. I’d like to see how he would get along without his mother.:thumbsup:


You came to the right place just look at the tracts Catholic Answers has right here. They have helped me when I’ve had that same conversation at work.


I’d ask, “Do you really want to tell Jesus ‘Your mother is no more important than an empty milk jug’”?


Some points to remember when speaking to non-catholic Christians. Their highest form of worship is prayer. A Catholic’s highest form is sacrifice. It would be the same if you saw a group of people sacrificing to their god. It would offend you, no? So, when non-catholic Christians see up praying to someone other than God, it is offensive. Education is needed here.

Stage 1: Would you agree the 10 commandments summarizes all the laws of the Jewish life? Would you also agree that Christ live the Jewish life perfectly? One of these commandments is to “Honor your mother and father”. The word Honor can mean “bestow glory on” So, Christ bestows glory on His Mother and Father.

Stage 2: We just imitate Christ.


All generations will call me blessed.


You could ask him how he came to be an ignorant bigot at such a young age. That should change the dynamics of the conversation. :slight_smile:


[quote="Tommy]and he says to me “Praying to Mary is like praying to an empty milk-jug” I said “excuse me” He said “Mary is no more important than an empty milk jug”

What??? Oh my gosh! Jeepers!

Sorry- I can’t help but laugh at this absurd insult. :smiley: Good grief. I bet it’s the first time in a while Mary has heard such a strange comment. Or maybe not :(. I’m just imagining Mary’s reactions in Heaven! I know mine would include some level of amusement at hearing such a ridiculous insult from a CHRISTIAN.

It seems like this person has taken anti-Catholicism to a new level and turned it into anti-Mary feeling. Pretty shocking!

I agree with what the others said here. Referring to scriptural statements about the importance of Mary would be great, such as her being made Mother of the Church when Jesus said to John, “this is your mother.” Also point out how RUDE that is to say about anyone’s mother, and ask if he would be willing to tell Jesus, “your mother is no more important than an empty milk jug.” Ask him to tell that to his own mother too. Yeah, I agree with all the comments here.



About a year before I became Catholic I spent time with a new friend I knew was very Catholic, yet [LOL] I could see she was truly Christian.:eek: :hmmm: We talked about Jesus; and she was very open and loved God.

In the spirit of openness, I shared, “Sometimes I think that Jesus must get very offended that some people concentrate so much on Mary.” I don’t remember what her reply was exactly, only that she was offended in the extreme that I would insult the Mother of God. She dropped her brief curt response and turned and walked out of my presence, as if she could not STAND to be with me at that moment. Up until that time, it seemed we were in perfect harmony in our love of God.:confused:

She got over it, and we talked more that day (about other things!) and of course after. I certainly didn’t bring up Mary again - I knew where she stood on that now! And I was not then curiious about why she would be so offended by that. I was not motivated then to find out.

But boy did she plant a seed. It was a puzzle, so it stuck with me. It later led me, when I unexpectedly began to explore Catholic truth, to remeber the great witness of her faith. It was a witness I needed at that time, when I was ready. Becaue I realized then that her relationshio with Mary was real, just like her relationshiop with Mary’s Son was real.

So I think this was a good strategy. Get vastly insulted (as you should when your Mother is insulted), say briefly why and walk away completely disgusted. He may not come running after you, but you will plant a seed of great curiosity in him and he may later come ask you. You are in a better postion then becaeu he is not just dropping insults, not just wanting to argue (like some we see here on the forum :blush:) but he will genuinely want to know.

I realize that moment is past but it can be part of youor arsenal.


:mad: “empty milk jug” what would Jesus have to say about that one?


I’ve been presented with the same thing by some non-Catholic friends of mine in my school (just not so harshly).
If he can’t even ask the very Mother of Jesus who is with her son in heaven to pray for him and intercede for him, how could he even ask other Christians on earth to intercede on his behalf?

“Praying to Mary is like praying to an empty milk-jug.” I said “excuse me” He said “Mary is no more important than an empty milk jug”

Say that to the wedding guests at Cana! Jesus performed the first miracle in his ministry on earth right after his mother pointed out that the guests were out of wime and after she told those working to “do as he says!”

I think the previous posts have already given you some good advice. Just remember to be charitable in your responses to the people who say things like that

This is probably not the first time you’ve encounter such comments… (and even if it is, it won’t be your last)
Keep it up though with talking about the Catholic faith in school :thumbsup: (there are too little of us doing it anyways.)


That’s a very neat story :).


Just as well it wasn’t a milk carton - because they are disposable: when the carton’s empty, it goes in the rubbish.

This de-personalised view of Mary is probably related to objections to the invocation of the Saints - for:
*]a Mary who is not really a person, because she is “only” a vessel[/LIST]&
*]Saints who cannot pray for us after their birthdays into the life of heaven, because they are “dead”[/LIST]are in both cases not fully human. This suggests that, at some level, people who make such objections don’t entirely believe that Christ is Alive & gives Life. :frowning:


Sometimes it helps to know the person’s social background to respond to them in a way that they can most identify with.

The expression - “Mary is no more important than an empty milk jug” suggests a few things to me:

  1. Ignorance and immaturity, 2) someone taught him this (probably his parents), 3) a distorted perspective of value.

It might be fun to integrate his “empty jugs” characterization with the account of the empty wine jugs at the marriage in Cana where Mary interceded to get Jesus to fill those empty jugs with water and turn them into the choicest wine.

Then after that ask him to explain how its possible for all generations to call Mary blessed as stated in the scripture verse "For he hath regarded the low estate of his handmaiden: for, behold, from henceforth all generations shall call me (Mary) blessed (Luke 1:48 KJV) if we don’t pray to Mary and call her blessed?

Then close it off by asking him if he thinks that insulting Mary would make Jesus happy or angry.


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