I need Pray


I believed in God all my life I’m 66 years old but lost my Wife three years ago. Now I don’t believe in God.


God bless you Paul…may you realize that we are just in our temporary home…your wife is now with the Lord…you should be happy that your wife is finally happy…i will pray for you


I’ll keep you in my prayers and daily Masses, Paul.
The pain of your loss, and missing your wife was too much for you I guess. Bereavement does knock us out. I suppose you kept your sorrow so much to yourself that you lost hope.

Although you will continue to feel the loss of your wife, I ask God to bring some hope and peace into your life.
Take care of yourself, love, Trishie


Hi Paul , I’m joining in prayers for you , I’m sad to read that you lost your wife and that you lost your faith . May Lord give you signs of His presence in your life , comfort and console you in all your sorrows . I shall pray that you will discover what great source of peace is to believe , to share your problems and sadness with Lord our God , directly with Jesus , our Lord and Saviour .
God bless and be with you !
In Jesus peace giving Holy Name , Amen

Our Father…Glory Be… Amen


Paul, I am sure you and your wife had a wonderful life together. She meant everything to you and you to her. Realize that if she could see you now she would not want you to be unhappy, she would not want you to be sad and hopeless. She would not want you to lose faith in God.

Don’t sit around being lonely, find some new friends, some new hobbies, some fellow companions to share time with and your faith will return. Life can still be joyous, maybe not in the same way but in another way. Keep your thoughts on joining her in heaven. Use that as encouragement when the going gets tough. Be thankful for all those wonderful years and promise yourself you won’t let grief mess up eternity with your beloved wife. Search for that tiny mustard seed inside you once again.

God is still with you, God still loves you and deep down you still believe in God its just not in your conscious mind right now because of overwhelming grief. Please find a gentlemens club or senior center. When my grandpa lost my grandma his world ended. After awhile he joined the senior center and could talk with people who are going through the same situation. This helped him tremendously. I am sure it would help you to to talk to others your age in the same situation. Don’t allow yourself to wallow in grief. Force yourself to get out even if it is just once a week at first. You will be glad you did. And eventually your faith will return. Someday you will be with your beloved wife and your beloved Lord.

God Bless you my friend my heart goes out to you.


How do you know my Wife is happy, If I not happy why would she be


You still have troubles because you are on earth where we are all still struggling.
Those who are in heaven have great happiness because of the good and kind things they have done for others and because they really understand that God loves them and that Jesus saved them.
We are sometimes, or often, unhappy, because we are still living in this earthly world.
God bless you, Paul


I live in an apartment house for 62 and older, belive me I have a lot of friends and we have a lot of fun. But it’s not the same. I been praying for three years asking God to take me too, i’ve ask God all the Saints and all my family and friends up in Heven to please take me. Yet I get no answer. And I thank you for your Prayes.


Paul, we don’t die just because we pray to die. God has a plan for us. We stay longer on earth because God knows there are things we still need to learn, because we still need to grow into better people, and because we still need to do kind things for others, because others still need our smiles, our kind and friendly words. If we die before it is our time, who will do this for them. Your wife has finished what God wanted her to do so it was time to come home to heaven.


Oh my Heavenly Father,

Please watch over Paul in this time of grief. Let him feel Your lovingkind arms around him once again. Send Your Spirit to sooth his pain. Please Jesus, here my prayer for Paul, he needs you in his life so much now.

Send Paul one of your supernatural wonders to make him know that You are with him. Let him feel Your presence so that he may find his faith in You. Our kind and precious Lord do shed Your heavenly light upon him.

Ease his pain and suffering. As You Lord make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy give Paul a measure of joy too so that he may find his way back to You precious Lord. Comfort him and care for him in this time of sadness.
This I pray in Jesus name.

Amen :gopray:


But my Wife is spose to be happy in heven how can that be if I’m not happy how can she. Do you see what I’m talking about.


I am glad to know that you are with good people around you. Trish is right you still have a purpose here on earth to fulfill.
You will one day be with your beloved. I have said a prayer for you my friend.

Come to forum anytime you want to talk, we are here for you.
Be well and God Bless you.


Your wife is happy because she is with God in a spiritual manner. You are still flesh and blood and that enables you to be unhappy. She is happy because the pain of life on earth is over for her and now she is with God. She can wait for you in heaven and will rejoice when you arrive. But not yet, thats all, its the Cross you have to bear. Trust that God knows whats best for you.


Death isnt an easy thing to go thru, but not having faith or trusting in God isnt the right thing to do… know that even though your wife is gone, she is praying for you and whatever she passed away from, she’s not in pain or sick anymore… im sorry for your loss, but God is taking care of her, please dont ever under estimate Christ. I will be praying for you


Dear Lord Jesus,

You showed us the meaning of suffering when you died more than 2000 years ago. You didn’t die in vain, instead you died so that we may have life after this one. You know we are weak and fragile humans because You were born as one of us in a lonely manager and You lived on earth during a period of political unrest and corruption. (How things haven’t changed!) Please comfort Paul as he is dealing with grief from the lost of his wife (who was such a blessing to him) and now he is feeling lost without her. I ask that his guardian angel and Our Lady show him the way back to you while you help him to carry his cross.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Praying for your happiness!


Praying for you to have peace and healing.


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