I need prayer please!

Brethren,I’d like to request for prayers that may God save me from sinful sexually immoral feeling I’ve been experiencing for a long time now.Whenever I see a lady that does not leave much to the imagination I feel myself losing my control.My saving grace
is the fact that I avoid girls but my fear is I don’t know how long that is going to continue.

You are in my prayers:gopray2:

I pray that you may choose purity over lust. May you be strengthen by our prayers to overcome this temptation.

I will pray for you.

I had a friend, a guy friend, who felt like you and wanted to live his life according to God’s will. He would make a comment to me like this, “Sometimes, all I want to do is get a girl and bring her home.” He said that it was very difficult for him, but he went to daily Mass, and worked full time 9 to 5 job, and went to Holy Hour. He made two hours a week before the Blessed Sacrament. He also went to weekly confessions and discussed how he felt with the priest. I kept him in my prayers. He found a girlfriend and he fell into temptation. They did break up and he moved away. I lost touch with him for 8 years and recently I talked to him again. He is now a priest! If he could do it so can you and every man. He had lost his virginity when very young in his teen, but later in his twenties was trying to live a chaste life. He was very very difficult for him. I am not saying that you will be a priest, but this man once told him he could never live this life without a woman and wanted to get married. Ever since the day I met him, I had prayed for him to be a priest. I don’t know why, but I did even when I fell in love with him, but we were not right for each other. Don’t give up and try the things he did. Go to Mass daily if you can, go to weekly confessions and go sit and kneel before our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. You will get your strength in all these and will grow closer to Jesus and won’t want to offend him by how you view women. I am a woman and I hate it when women dress so immodest for it does cause men temptations.

Don’t worry so much about it and keep praying and you have my prayers. You are only human, but try to keep your thoughts on things of God and maybe when you see a woman you dressed like what you describe, you won’t take a second look. I pray that if it be God’s will that you find yourself a woman who will help you keep a chaste life until you marry. Pray for a good and holy woman to marry and pray to see if you’re called to the priesthood.

Trust me the way my friend use to talk about women, I did not think after a while that he would be a priest, but he is a priest. He is trying and did try to live a holy life as a single man. He heard God’s calling in the attempt to live a good and holy life. It was not easy and he fell some times, but he got up and went to confession and continued to try. That is all we can do in this life of struggles. The prize, Heaven, is worth the effort.

Trust in the Lord to help you and strengthen you. By the way, my friend also read many spiritual books. I think reading about St. Augustine helped him.

I asked my priest about ‘sex thoughts’ during one confession and he said everyone thinks about sex even him! He said what we must not do is to imagine the sexual act with someone (unless it’s our spouse of course) and not to act upon that thought. For me, it’s hard to distinguish the difference, but if you are only feeling sexual, I don’t think (from my understanding) that it is a mortal sin. If you start imagining yourself in bed with the women, then you’ve crossed the line. Have you talked with your priest? If anyone can understand or explain how not to feel aroused I guess it would be a priest. I did notice at a recent fundraiser, when many of us got up to dance the macarena, electric slide, and cha cha slide, our father got up and walked around the room to chat with others and take photos of them. I think maybe this is his way - by not looking:D

Anyway, I have said a prayer for you and all the rest of us who face the same temptation in life.:gopray2:

I pray that God gives you the strength to persevere, to resist temptation. May the Holy Spirit guide you and help you in avoiding temptation.

I’ll pray for you. :gopray:

Our Lady of Victories and of Mercy, please pray for him

I will pray for God’s will for you

In the Living Prayer of my life.

Strength to you, courage for you, control your heart and mind. These people are all someone’s daughter or child or grandchild - respect them all - look at their face - pray for wisdom.

Praying for you.

You are in my prayers…

:signofcross:praying for you:signofcross:

Hello Unikvic, I’ll pray the Rosary for you today.

I recently read an excellent book called “The Spiritual Combat” by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli. It’s really practical and straight to the point.
The chapters are short so you could read the book over and over one chapter at a time.

He explains how temptations are permitted by God so that our humility may be increased. Thereby we trust ourselves less and God more.


God bless you.

:knight2: :knight1: ** Praying **:knight2: :knight1:

I will pray for you.

Heavenly Father, many of us have gone astray in life and often each of us is made pure by the very thing that seems to tempt us most. I pray for this brother of mine that through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, he would come to discern what is best for his life. I ask our Mother to show him as she does those who are willing, what you would have him do. I ask the Holy Spirit to continue to walk with him and enlighten him as you are doing now by his talking about this with other holy brothers and sisters.

Peace be in your heart brother. Each of us has something.

I’ll be praying. I used to have the same problem; I still struggle with temptation but–by the Grace of God–am closer to purity as time goes on.

You will be lifted up in my next Holy Hour.

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