I need prayers and advice


I’m 18, and desperately in need of help. I take my Faith very seriously, but every so often (about twice a month) I give in to temptation, and I masturbate.
Every time, I feel terrible as soon as it’s over. I used to cut my chest with a razor blade as an act of penance, until a priest told me not to. I keep swearing to myself it won’t happen again, but it always does. I feel like I’m betraying everyone I love. I need to know how to stop this for good. It’s not like I’m addicted and do it every day, it just catches me off guard. I’m perfectly chaste one day, then before I know it, I’ve fallen. I can’t stand this. Can anyone help? Thank you, and God bless…


When you stumble and fall, and we all do, get back up - just as Jesus did when carrying his cross - and begin again.

Go to confession, renew your vow to stop and try again. It will get easier over time. Prayer, time at adoration, faithful attendence at mass, and belief in God will get you through this.

When you feel the need arise, get out of the house. Go for a walk, call a friend and go to dinner/lunch, for a snack or coffee. The urge will pass.

I myself have struggled with this. As a woman, my urge tends to be hormonal as I have noticed the increased desire each month at the same time. I find that if I remain home alone and with the opportunity, I will stumble and fall, however, if I pick up my keys and get out of the house. Put myself in a situation where I simply can not do it, the urge will pass.




im not an expert on cutting but i do remember seeing a documentary about it and lne ladydoctor got people out of the habit of cutting by telling them whenever they felt the urge to cut instead of actually cutting themselves, they should instead take a red pen or a childrensred felt tip marker and use that so that when the feeling passes you can just wash the “cuts” away…

its worth a try


Self destructive acts are not penance! :frowning: Please do not cut yourself any more. Ever.

Don’t swear to yourself that it won’t happen again. Repent fully, go to confession, receive absolution, do your true penance (not cutting!), and tell Jesus that you will fight the good fight because you know He loves you that much.

Your urges are normal. Your sexuality is strong, but you know you want to stay chaste. So you will be fighting your sin nature, and this will strengthen you for any trials in life that you are faced with. We grow when we restrict ourselves from sinning.

Use the support of others to keep you from this sin. We have groups here on CAF for young people struggling to stay pure. Join one, and then develop a strategy for what you will do when the urge to masturbate hits you. Distract yourself, do some exercise, change up your routine, etc.

You can do it. But confession is key - start there.


I’ve given up masturbation for Lent, hopefully the Spirit will let me see my goals through. I also used to cut myself, had to go to the E.R. one night, had to lie to everyone to avoid the loony bin too.
My advice, don’t swear by yourself. I tried to do that, it doesn’t work. Remember that God has providence. He doesn’t want us to sin, but He might allow it if it draws a greater good. That you feel remorse for what you do is symbolic of your guilt. It’s more than most people have. Maybe your experiences will be written down someday, or maybe you’ll talk to someone who benefits from hearing them. On this site, there’s a impurity addiction group. But you probably already know all the theoretical approaches. Just keep praying, it’s all any of us can do.
If the Good Lord forgave David and Peter and Paul, I reckon He’ll forgive us too if we let him.

God bless,


Thank you all so much. Each one of your responses helped me out a lot. Watching that video actually moved me to tears… and I’m NOT an emotional guy! Thanks to you, I know I can do better, and should I fall, I know I’ll have the strength to get up and keep going. You’re all in my prayers. God bless, and thanks again!!


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