I need prayers please


Please me family needs your prayers. My husband of 25 years left last night. Although the children are older (14,18,22,23) it is still hard for them. He has been working in another state for 2 years and renting a room from a Catholic family with 4 children. Turns out he has been having an affair with the wife. He lost his job and came home (at this point I didn’t know anything). He postpones a local interview to take an interview in the other state again. That is when I found out. I am ashamed to say I looked at his email. I guess he has been acting a father to those children even though the real father is in the house. He works odd hours. They act as a real family, while mine is here without him. When I told him I knew he never said a word, just went about his business. He acted as though he was mad at me. All he did was mope around the house. I asked him when he planned on leaving and he said after the holidays. I couldn’t stand it anymore so I told him to leave now. He packed up and left. He said goodbye to 3 of the kids, but never a word to me. I have read other posts on this site and they have helped me. I am praying for him and the other family, but I would appreciate someone praying for me. I need strength.


My prayers are with you and your family.


consider it done friend. iam saddened that he’d tear his own family apart to be with another one that already has a father.
this un real and totally selfish of him to do this to you and your family. my heart ahces for you and for your children. i will pray perhaps if it is possible, that you can work it out with him.

have you offered him counseling? have you spoken to him? do you want to work it out? find out exactly why he did it? he needs to be forth coming with you, and honest. your kids might end up resentful towards him. i don’t know. have you sat down with your family and spoken to them? that might be a good idea. some times, kids will blame themselves for the break up of a marriage.

this might not be the case in your family, but you really ought to sit down and talk with them about it. if your hubby is willing, can you ask him to sit down with you and talk to your kids?
would he be willing to do that at least? i always feel saddened at the break up of a marriage when it comes to adultery and their are children in the mariage. they always take it hard.

i will be praying for all of you. and yo uhave nothing to feel guilty about, certainly not looking at his emails! he should’ve told you the truth from the outset. sigh…God bless you!


I don’t really have any advice or uplifting words, I just wanted you to know that I’m so sorry that this has happened to your family and I will be praying for all of you!

God bless,



My prayers are with you! may God give you the strength to get thru this. Please for the sake of the children don’t talk bad about him in front of them. I know it will be hard but don’t make them mad at their father even though he has done terrible wrong. Most kids no matter what you say about their parents don’t want to believe it anyways, but it just hurts the kids too bad. Just tell them you have irreconcible differences. You have a long long road in front of you but with the help of God you will get through it.Stay strong.


good advice bird, but a family should be told that it is not their fault because some kids will blame themselves. i did when my parents broke up due to infidelity. i really did not understand why my parent would do such a thing, and then start a secondary family with the new partner and forget that the first family existed and did not even visit more than once in a 20 year period when we needed that parent the most.

iam not saying this would happen with this family, only speaking from my own personal experience. the kids should be told that the break up of the marriage is not their fault. this is truly heart wrenching situation. my continued prayers are with the OP and her children, and yes, her husband.


I said a prayer for you and your family.


Yes you are right , the kids have to be told its not their fault at all. most kids do blame themselves (if only I behaved or if only I listened when mom told me to do something etc…) But in the meantime she must try and let them keep in contact with their dad. I know its hard but sooo many times the kids are in the middle. mom asking the kids about dad when they come home from a visit etc… This is soo sad, I can’t believe a man could do such a thing to his wife let alone his children! Doesn’t he have a heart?? Doesn’t he think what if she finds out whats going to happen to my REAL family??? anyways my heart goes out to you


Praying, dear. I am so terribly sorry about this.


Thank you thank you thank you everyone. My older children did hear some things that I am sorry for. I have told them that he loves them very much and is just unhappy in other areas. He would not talk to me at all, but I did tell him to be a man and a father for his children. I told him to actively pursue a relationship with them even if they don’t seem to want one. They are all older and exerting their independence. I call my child away from home (college) all the time. There are times he doesn’t return my calls, but I call again. His father thinks the kids should call him and gets mad if they don’t call back right away. He did tell the kids to come and visit in the new state. I told them they should and they would have a great time. Maybe over the summer. I am acting fine but it is like a big hard knot inside. I know I will be fine and thank you for praying for my family. I am going to read about St Rita and pray to St Joseph (he’s my favorite)
Thanks again


hi anne,

did you talk to your priest about this? if not, consider doing it as soon as possible, what about taking your young one with you to talk to the priest? it was just a thought :slight_smile: God bless you! oh, and Saint Rita of Cascia is a lovely saint! I have a statue of her and a very large framed picture of her on my wall:)


You sound like a really great mom and I know you will do the right thing!! God Bless you! You know that poem or verse Footprints in the sand? Well I thought of that the minute I read your story. Well this is one of those times that you will not see the other set of footprints!


awwww bird!!! how lovely of you! :thumbsup:


You also need to speak to a lawyer regarding the protection of your assets.



I am praying for you and your family!

May God bring HEALING, peace, solace, comfort, love and new life to all who have been affected by infidelity and may God’s righteous hand sustain, strengthen and protect from evil all marriages and families! Rise up, Lord, and shield husbands, wives and children from the attacks of the devil!


My prayers for y’all. During this Christmas season I’ll pray especially hard to the Holy Family.


My family shall remember you and your family in our prayers.

Please remember that the Lord is with you always. It is in prayer and in meditation on His teachings that you will find to peace and comfort that you seek. Pray for your estranged husband, try in your heart to show him forgiveness and mercy. I know that this, in our human frailty, is very difficult to do, especially when we are the offended party. Trust in the Lord, and He shall give you Peace.

May the blessing of the Lord be upon you.

Christ is born! Glorify Him!


I have to ask myself, if he’s been “hiding” his other “family”, what else has he been hiding? If you are part of a joint account of any kind, I would talk to a lawyer ASAP. Your husband could clean things out and you would be powerless to stop him. A friend had this happen and she was devastated.



I hate to bring it up, but also get yourself checked out medically. Neither he or this other woman is very pure and who knows what either may have picked up along the way.

Now that that’s out of the way, I am terribly sorry that this has happened to your family. I am especially sorry for your children. I will pray for you and for them to be able to get over this hurt (and the other spouse and children)…and, when I can conquer my own anger, I will pray for your husband and his mistress too.



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