I need professional help

I am nearly 21 and I have a younger face. I want to get help so that I can deal with this.

I am also afraid of going to public places.

No one is laughing, it is not a laughing matter.

Please pray for me.

A “younger face”?

I mean… why do you need help with that? So you’ll have to show your idea for stuff more often, that’s not too big a deal.

Could you elaborate on your issues more? There’s not a lot to work with here.

They said St.John the Apostle had a younger face. Its in the heart what matters.

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I am struggling with an attraction to certain people.

I am struggling to behave normally in public spaces, due to tics.

Tics are a medical issue that you should talk to a doctor about.

As for your attractions, they do not define you. Many people on these forums struggle with attractions they don’t want. Having an attraction carries no moral judgment, it is what you do or don’t do with that attraction that matters.


Praying for you, Zerg. I hear your distress over how you perceive your looks. Praying God gives you peace

The type of help you need comes from medical and mental health care professionals. Please make an appointment with your doctor and get a referral for any counseling you might need.

This is beyond the scope of what we can help with here at CAF.


Some men deal with this problem by growing a beard. Is that an option for you?

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