I need reassurance


that I shouldn’t be ashamed for still liking dolls;) I’ll be 17 next March and I have baby fever pretty badly:o . Don’t worry, I’m not planning on trying for a real baby, because somehow a chunk of plastic seems to cool the fever. Besides, have you seen what baby dolls are like nowdays? I never had a “real boy” doll until I got an Ashton Drake.

If there is a “Strangest wish list” for teens contest, I belive I’ve won it. Because next to the Uncut versions of LOTR, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, The Goth Bible, The Cathechism of the Catholic Church, and Scott Hahn’s “Hail Holy Queen” is this:

Yes…I am odd.:wink:


The Goth Bible? Sounds cool (from one vampygothcatholic to another :wink: )


I still love dolls, and I’m 26 years old. :smiley: I’ve wanted children since I was 3 (that’s a little young for baby fever, isn’t it?), and dolls were always my favorite toys. Now that my toddler is old enough to have toy preferences, I’m such a proud momma that she loves dolls too!!

Goth, I don’t know how you’re going to endure the wait ahead… Going to med school and everything. :wink: Part of what helped me my senior year was knowing that I was getting married after getting my bachelor’s degree (I was dating my DH in high school), and hopefully having my first baby at age 23. When I was 17, 23 didn’t seem that far away.

God bless you, Hon! That love for babies will definitely be useful when you’re a baby doctor.


Goth, you are normal! why don’t you help out at Mass (a mommy with several kids)? I know I would have loved to have someone like you to help me out when my children were small.
Or maybe babsitting for babies…? Have you tried that?
Yes, I had baby fever when I was your age, it is quite normal!


plenty of adult women are suckers for dolls, I work out my fantasies by buying dolls for my grandchildren, they all have American Girls so now we are starting on Waldorf. I gave my Madame Alexander collection to young relatives, because like Rumer Goden, I believe dolls exist to be played with by little girls, not as collectors items in glass cases.


I’m 28 and I still have my one and only cabbage patch doll I got 21 years ago (in 1986) for Christmas. I let my three nieces play with her. There’s this one lady that makes clothes that fit this old doll that has a booth at the state fair & often at craft shows. I buy the clothes and “give” them to this doll for “her birthday”. Yes, I am pretty strange, too. :wink: I even let my all three nieces “Baby doll sit” the doll this year. Two of them (Sisters) got to “baby doll sit” for “Her” while I was out of state for vacation. The other got to “baby doll sit” for about ten days and then celebrated the doll’s birthday. So, don’t feel bad about liking dolls at your age. :stuck_out_tongue:


Our parish is pretty small, we don’t have any families with several small children. But I do help with sunday school (my first communion class is pretty big, the little tykes inculding my little brother just had first penance last saturday!)
Again small town, few babies, and I don’t have a lot of time nowdays because I’m taking 4 college classes at this point. But thanks for the suggessions:)


No, I went through it too, right on down to the baby boy doll (with correct anatomical parts). I was actually disappointed to learn I was having a girl – at first – while pregnant. That had a lot to do with my own family drama, I knew even then. I got over it the minute she was born. I love being a mom!

You are fine, and it’s better that you express your “baby love” in appropriate ways now. I have known too many a girl who just wanted to be loved, and thought a baby would do it - while said girls were 14. Not realizing of course that the babies actually require REAL work and don’t pop-out your best friend. It’s so sad for the babies involved in the aforementioned situation. :frowning: I am not implying anything with you other than supporting your ways of going about baby-doll-love and waiting for the appropriate time for the real thing. :thumbsup:

Oh and by the way, not only are babies a lot of work but husband’s do things like fart and try to blame the dog while simultaneously leaving their dirty drawers on the floor. Just sayin’ there is a lot more to raising a baby than you might gather now! LOL :smiley: But you have a little brother, so you’ll be good to go in marriage! :rotfl:


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


I beat you for baby fever age, I was 2:D . I once asked the liberian where babies came from, she told me from mommies tummies, I said I knew that, but I wanted to know how they got there:D

The wait all depends on when I meet Mr. Right;). For now I know I’m going to at least complete college before i get married, so I’ll be 22 by then. After that I’m not really sure. If it’s God’s will I meet Mr. Right while i’m in college, then I’ll probably be having babies in med school (and I think life is stresssful now, although, it’s not as terrible as it sounds. I live close enough to Syracuse where it wouldn’t be that bad to drive there and back everyday. And there is a physican shortage which works to my advantage, and the doctors in my area will be retiring around the time i complete medical school.) But if I meet him in college then I have no idea. It’s all in God’s hands, I just hope he doesn’t wait too long to send me Mr. Right.


I have TWO little brothers actually. The older is almost 15. Belive me, there is nothing about men that does not surpise me anymore. I told my mom I wanted six boys and she said I was crazy. She still tells me I’m crazy. She wants me to have a girl so she can doll her up (I want three girls but not so sure about the “dolling up” part).


I think I already warned you on this one —

“deny the pink and it will HAUNT you!”

Somehow the kids of us old p-rockers and goths KNOW how to appreciate the pink. If you deny it, they only want it MORE. So just go for it, and smile sweetly. In time they appreciate the obscure but you have to be patient through the pink business! :thumbsup:


Oi! Just as long as I’m raising good Catholics (of the names I have picked out every one of the middle names is that of a saint; Micheal, Andrew, Leo, James, Joseph, John, Anne, Maria, and Elizabeth) I don’t care what color they like, really. Although i’d rather not have to deal with pop music shudder


Yes, I have Britneyphobia too.


Not a bad phobia to have :D. I’m off to bed, good luck with your labour, if you have a little boy between today and tomorrow you could name him Francis Xavier for today’s saint or John Damacus for tomorrow’s saint. lol, I kid:p Goodnight KC


So is your little boy doll circumcized or not? :smiley:


You might get a half-dozen who hate pop stuff, and one who adores it. I dated a guy in college who was the oldest of four. He and the two right below him were all rather artsy introvert types. The youngest, a girl (she was 13 when we were in our last year of undergrad) was completely different: wanted to wear trendy clothes, squealed over pop stars, was popular and had quite a bevy of equally squealy girl friends. :shrug:


Hahahaha… This thread made my day! I was always the tom-boy girl in my family…But I did love my dolls (even though I was forced to give them up when my older sisters did)… I was such a weird mix as a kid! I played ice hockey, loved football…but I also twirled batons and taught dancing. So when I grew up I joined the military, and I even had my boys first… then when my little girl came along, I sooooooo tried to make her a purple girl… no pink… but pink suited her so well!!! I ended up with a very feminine girly girl… and a step dd that was not just tom-boy, but somehow her mom and grandma convinced her to be anti-girl! Then I got accused of trying to make her too girly… me! I just wanted her to have actual girl experiences… like wearing dresses to church and curling hair for holidays… you know the whole, “I feel like a princess” thing girls like. Oh well… looks like I am not alone on the girly stuff…


I am 25, I have two little boys (who play “Daddy” to their dolls). I played with dolls until I was 15 and then FORCED myself to PAINFULLY give it up because I really was afraid to be discovered by my peers. It did help that I had two younger sisters to be my “excuse” to play dolls. I was not a girly-girl either. I was sort of a tomboy.

I still make DH walk down the doll aisle at the store when we look at toys. I still marvel over how cool this doll is, etc.

I have already picked out all the presents for my first DD from birth until she is 7. Dolls, doll houses, doll and “house” furniture… I can’t wait to have an excuse to buy dolls again!

Of course, I will probably end up with 8 boys and no girls. Just watch.


A word of warning: you may end up with a girl who has ZERO interest in dolls. My eldest is not a doll kid. My MIL put it best when noticing my youngest daughter and her absolute LOVE of dolls “Geesh, remember we couldn’t PAY Eden to play with dolls? It’s so funny to see Pippa love them so much!” She’s even buying my youngest the same doll that GothCath wants.

We even bought my eldest a Barbie house and she used it for anything but playing Barbies. She even said to me all matter of fact when she was about 4 “Mom, I’m just not a Barbie kind of girl!” :eek: WHO’S CHILD ARE YOU? LOL She wouldn’t play with baby dolls either. Still doesn’t. She’ll occasionally play Barbies or even Bratz with her friends IF they are playing, but on her own – nope, nothing doing. :shrug:

I am glad I finally got a doll lover in my youngest DD but boy that sure was rough to have a little girl (who LOVED pink and all things girlie otherwise) who wanted nothing to do with dolls!

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