I need so advice again, but this time on Haiti


So I pray alot & each time I go to church and pray before the eucherastic I ask if he still wants me to become a nun & if so where & he always seems to answer with, become a nun in Haiti it’s where they need you the most. So I’ve been trying to research about different orders in Haiti, but they’re kind of hard to find. So does anyone know if there’s a Missionaries of Charity Order by Blessed Mother Teresa, in Haiti or not? If so then please respond & tell me, Thanks ahead of time!!!
Your Friend,
Rebekah Arrigo;)


I know the Missionaries of Charity are active in Hati.

The best way to go about entering into dialogue and discernment with them would be to contact your local Vocations Director; who will put you in touch with the relevant people in your area for discerning a vocation with this Order; (or another Order).

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