I need solid information on going to civil marriage ceremony of divorced Catholics


I have a situation that I thought I had under control but now I don’t. I have a sibling that is getting married in a civil ceremony to a divorced Catholic man. My sister is in the process of her annulment and her fiance is going to go through the process.

I was not going to attend the wedding/reception because I was told that it is against the Catholic Religion. I cannot find this anywhere. I found where a person can’t be “In” the ceremony, but no where has it said that we can’t attend.

Does anyone know the fact? My mother is requesting that we all attend the reception to show that we still love her but don’t approve of the civil marriage. I am torn, my mother never asks for anything from any of us. I need to know what is right.



Love the sinner and hate the sin. Sounds like your mother has the best idea; don’t attend the wedding, but attend the reception.


Absolutely go to the reception. Your mother is right. It also sounds like this is a ceremony that will later be blessed, since both are going through the annulment process.



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