I need some advice for evangelization of a friend

Hey everyone. I need some tips for evangelization of a friend of mine. His name is Darrell. Anyway, I try to evangelize him but this really annoys him. I do pray for him but I want to evangelize him as well but unfortunately it really annoys him and he gets angry. What should I do? Should I stick to evangelizing by my way of life and also pray for him? I am not sure what to do. I feel like I am called to evangelize him with speech as well but maybe I’m not. I’m not sure. Thanks in advance for your advice.

How would YOU feel if someone did not respect your wishes and kept doing or saying something you find annoying? Do you think your friendship would grow stronger? Would you be open to anything that person said to you?

Think of how you would respond if the situation was on the other foot and I think you have your answer.

Do yourself and your friend a favour and just back off a little for awhile. As a non-Christian, I can tell you that constantly bringing it up and trying to talk me into conversion would be the best way to get me to start avoiding you. And I’m an extremely tolerant person in that regard, I know other people that would not be quite that passive. If you continue, you will probably lose the friendship. What does impress me is someone who lives their lives in an admirable and virtuous fashion. Why not just let your behaviour speak for itself until your friend decides to talk about it?

It looks like you have the answers to your own thoughts.

Respect his boundaries. Respect his feelings.

Then your respect will speaks volumes and he will feel comfortable with you and may be able to see beyond being annoyed and angry. Then if he notices you living a Christian life - he may be open to hearing more.

The Holy Spirit does not draw anyone by anger and annoyance.

Be at Peace.

My first bit of advice is to proceed humbly. You and I don’t change hearts, the Holy Spirit does. Ask God to permit you to become an instrument of His.

Second, speak from the heart to the heart with love. Everyone of us is at a different place on our journey. Be patient. Sometimes God makes us wait. That can be frustrating for some of us (me).

Third, avoid the temptation to be authoritative. It might even be best to refrain from discussing these matters unless he brings it up.

Finally, be an example of spiritual joy. Make Darrell look at you and say, “I want to be like you”!

Then watch God amaze you!

Hey everyone. Thanks for the advice. I am just going to leave the religion subject alone from now on and we’ll discuss it if he brings it up and of course I am going to respect his boundaries.

I was wrong for not respecting his boundaries and for being preachy in the past and now I feel bad about it. Thank you all for correcting me.

Dearest Holly,

Please be at peace and don’t feel bad.

You answered all your own questions. We didn’t correct you. You saw your own answers and you allowed us to be a part of your “thinking process.” We supported what you already had come to know.

That shows you that the Holy Spirit was already guiding you. We just were able to support that your own new plans were probably the right path today.

Thanks RoseMary. :slight_smile:

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