I need some advice here

Okay so before starting, those who have seen some of my previous posts i have talked to my priest about scrupulously and I feel i am making progress, but anyway heres my question:

Okay so I am leaving school on Friday the 24th of May and in my leavers service I would like to sing a song I am fairly shy so I see this as me gaining confidence through this and doing something I usually wouldn’t do on my last day of school, so good so far.
The problem is though is I was told I should have a like backing track for my song like instrumental or something along those lines, I was told that I should get the Youtube link of the video and give it too one of the technicians at my school, the problem is though is I saw the technician having a youtube converter on the web page and apparently in the US that is illegal to use a youtube converter, I don’t know what to do because they said I should have the track by tomorrow and doing the song is quite important to me, but I do know what to do.
I am just really confused if I do the song and it sounds well it will be a massive boost to my confidence as I do not have that much confidence but I do not want to do it if it’s illegal or a sin.
Does anybody know if it is illegal in the UK and if so is it a sin, I don’t want to do it then find out it is.

As an added note, the song is by Andy Williams who sadly is deceased now, I know this seems rather crude but is it still illegal if the owner of the song has passed away sorry about this but I need to know by tomorrow, thank you.

As an added, added note the school are also selling DVD’s of the service, I am wondering if that comes into play, I know i am not the one downloading the music or making profits of the DVD sales but I just can’t help but wonder if I want to do it if it’s illegal.

I have decided now I am just going to tell my teacher I am not using a backing track I’ll sing it without the music, better safe than sorry

You can probably buy a backing track online for a pound or two.

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