I need some advice ssa related


i need some advice. first off i want to say that i am not gay i like women. but i have a problem with masturbation and sometimes i have thoughts about sexual thoughts about men (and iam a man) how can i stop? i like women and i want to one day get married and have a family. but should i even date when i am having this problem? i really need some advice.

    I have never had SSA so I am no expert. But the biggest thing I can suggest is pray and pray the Rosary a lot. And go to confession a lot. And get a Spiritual Director. About dating it would probably be best if you didnt until you got over this. I hope this helps some.


If you google “Courage Catholic” you will find a group who can give you great advice.


Get your actions under control, and your thoughts will be easier to control - sexual addiction, which is what you sound as though you have, can lead to a bondage to sin which results in behavior you do not want to engage in. Pray constantly, get a spiritual director, go to daily mass. But do not masturbate, it is a mortal sin and may very well lead to your damnation.

Also, I think ‘Courage’ (the group, not the virtue) is unnecessary. I wouldn’t put too much stock in the content of your thoughts. The addiction is pushing you to seek new highs. Seek liberation from the addiction in Christ. When that has been accomplished, you will no longer be as tempted to lust for anything.


Pray the Rosary in the morning, and at night. Works for me.


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