I need some advice


So I wasn't sure where to put this, I'm hoping this is okay, since technically, I'm living out my vocation of love, or trying to atleast. I'm a college student, taking 4 classes, I work 33 hours a week just about, I like to hang with friends, play guitar, read, and of course, I want to keep up my faith life, I'm also a catechist at my parish. How do I balance all of these things? How do I make straight A's in school? I don't know how to manage my time.


Start organizing your time. Maybe you might like having specific parts of the day gfor specific activities.

You could start organizing time in a small way, and build up to see if this helps.


Start organizing by setting up what is most important first in a daytimers or calendar then pencil in the second most important and so on. Begin small with your schedule and make changes as you go along. Being overwhelmed is no fun and very confusing . . .tends to make one want to do nothing! :)

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