I need some confidence...and prayers from you


Hi everyone,

I know it has been a while since I last signed onto Catholic Answers in October 2008. I was diagnosed in November 6, 2008 that I have diabetes. Diagnosed again April 2009 with a liver disease, called N.A.S.H (non-alcohol steastahepatitis) which the doctor says there is not any formal treatment or cure for it. My liver is already somewhat damaged. I was advised to lose weight to reverse the problem. I am already losing weight. The problem is that I have pain on my right side all the time along with my diabetes. It may shorten my life and I am scared.

Last year was my worse year. Depression all throughout 2008, divorce in May 2008 (we were married for 19 years. It was his request, not mine), losing the house Sept. 2009, diagnoised diabetes Nov. 2008, Now, this year I am trying not to have any bad issues. It already started. In April 2009, I was diagnoised N.A.S.H.

I am having a hard time to focus to live longer. I want to live and see my kids grow up. My daughter, Ashley just graduated from high school a month ago. She is expected to start her college sometime in August. I want to see my son graduate from high school in two years and see his future dreams, too. I need your advisement and prayers.

Please pray for me.


Ann :frowning:


Aside from your doctor’s orders, pray for the strength to accept and carry this cross.

Never let any of that suffering go to waste, it ALL serves a purpose even if we can’t see it. It’s only when we focus on “why have I been punished with this” that we waste our pain because we let it consume us. So just offer it up! Someone out there could really use this offering of yours.

Remember Jesus suffering on the cross for you. Now you can share in that suffering and be helping someone else as well. Don’t see this as punishment or as anything negative, but as a way to now show your love to Him and others.

I’ll be praying for you and your family. God bless.


Ann… I will certainly keep you and your family in my prayers, dear soul. May God grant you the strength, courage and faith to keep moving forward.


Lord Jesus, Son of the Living God, have mercy on Ann. Please comfort her with your Holy presence. Amen.


This sounds very similar to my favorite Aunt’s situation. She live with only 30% of her liver functioning and diabetes for more than 20 years, yet had 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild before she passed away a few years ago, just before her 83rd birthday, from pneumonia. Her acceptence of God’s will for her was an amazing inspiration to us. Peace be with you, and hang in there; you never know what wonders God has waiting for you tomorrow!! :heaven:


Dear Ann

i will pray for you.

God is showing great love to you Ann. you will not suffer more than you can handle. eternity is a long time. try to focus on eternity. when bad times come we think they will never end, But they do. same with good times. Often in your situation people cannot see and appreciate the loving hand of God. it’s there and if you trust in God and abandon yourself into His arms He will take care of you and all will be well. You can’t get to heaven without a cross, and the greater the cross the greater will be your happiness there. Trust God and all will be well. the only other choice often leads to needless despair because we misunderstood God and could not see His loving hand behind all. God is in complete control and does all with infinite perfection. If we accept His will we will be happy, even in the midst of trials. we can find peace if we embrace Gods will. God is offering you a high place in heaven when you suffer more than most here. Don’t turn it down. The alternatiive where one rejects God leads to misery and despair. If you can change your pereception of all this you can have happiness and peace.

Hang in there friend.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


You will be in my prayers. You are going to be just fine. Take care of your vessel. Always pray to our Dear Lord. Enjoy your children and help others as you can. Godbless you.


Thank you for all your advisement and prayers. i will think positive and pray to our Lord daily for comfort.



You’re in my daily prayers :thumbsup:


May St. Therese show you her way of childlike confidence and pray for you. :crossrc::crossrc:

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