I need some heartful prayers this week


Hi all! I am very heartbroken and sad that my past relationship didn’t work out and the person doesn’t love me anymore and won’t give me a second chance. I need some prayers for God to please direct me to the one that i’m supposed to be with. In my heart right now, this ex is a huge part of my heart that I want back so bad. Why is a second chance at love so hard to get??? I just want God and Jesus to come into my heart and look at how much I love this girl and want this girl back and intervene and help me, but then again, how do I do that? I haven’t been to daily mass in 2 days and haven’t said the rosary in 2 days because I have sinned and felt really down about myself. I need some hope! I really do. I feel like I’m battling something that I can’t have right now or never and I wanted to ask you guys how do you approach this situation. When you really want this girl and she doesn’t want you…what do you do?? :frowning: :frowning:


Jesus please give this distressed man peace, as it is very painful when our affections aren’t returned. We have no power over another’s free will. Help him to deal with the reality of the situation with courage and wisdom. Please help him to find reciprocal love that beings him great happiness and peace.


I will be praying for you as you heal from this very painful wound. It hurts when another person doesn’t return our affections, but please remember how much Jesus loves you. Enough that if you were the only person that his crucifixion would save, he would have gone through it anyway. Please keep praying and going to Mass even if you feel unworthy. Remember, a healthy person has no need for a hospital, and that the Church is a hospital for sinners.



Father, please give to cameraguy55 merciful comfort for the severed heart that has befallen him. Lift his weary heart, and fill the void with Your Mother’s love. Guide him toward the call to which You have planned for Him with joy. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :gopray2:


Father, please provide the love of this man’s life to him, lead him to a catholic girl who may share a life of love devotion and service to you with him and provide a mother to his children and a mate for life, in christ’s name we pray amen

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