I need some help. Please read.

  1. What do you believe?
    In a nutshell, I believe what is stated in the Nicene Creed. That (implicitly) covers every part of Catholic dogma and doctrine.

  2. Why do you believe it is the Truth?
    One might say it’s because of my background. I would say that that in itself is a moot point: what matters is whether or not what I believe and have been taught is the Truth. I believe it is because of grace, and I think that the backing of miracles have played a significant role in keeping me on the path of faith when I was tempted to wander off in doubt.

  3. Can you recommend any books for me to read?
    There’s great material here on Catholic Answers. Regarding the existence of God, try this article from the Old Catholic Encyclopaedia.

  4. Prayers for my conversion.
    I will certainly pray for you. :hug1:

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