I need some inspiration


Well, I gotta admit I’m feeling a little burned out lately between a cranky teething baby and moody teenagers. :juggle: My spiritual life could use a little jump start. What I am really looking for is a devotional or some reading geared toward inspiring mothers in their vocation. I’d appreciate some suggestions.



I don’t usually post so I hope you don’t mind me answering. I really like “Holiness for Housewives” by Hubert van Zeller. “A Mother’s Rule of Life” by Holly Pierlot is also good, by I could never impose such a rigid routine as she calls for on my family.

I hope this helps.



I appreciate your answering! :slight_smile:
I will look at both of these books. Like you, I’m not sure I could do any rigid routines, but there may be a gem there that I could use anyway.
Thanks again!


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