I need some strength

One of the most difficult sins to overcome at this point in my life is maturbation. In particular, when I need to shave my pubic area.

I thought this would be the one time when I could shave without masturbating afterwards. I was able to trim, apply shaving cream, shave, while watching what I was doing in the mirror – all without masturbating. I thought I was good. I made minimal contact with my genitals.

Then came the moisturizer.

I need to moisturize my skin after I shave or else I get horrible post-shave irritation/ance. I used coconut oil. Sure enough, I fell again. It doesn’t even matter that I didn’t orgasm. I fell through and I failed once more.

Can anyone offer me some advice or comfort. I’m not yet confirmed, and cannot recieve Communion or Confession.

Hi Ariana Katlyn

If this a mere matter of cosmetic preference, why would a Christian deliberately choose to do something unnecessary that leads to sin?
There may be a time of discomfort in the meantime, but to abandon the practice altogether would avoid temptation in this regard.
Millions of women don’t find it necessary, but find cleanliness sufficient.

I don’t know your circumstances, but sometimes personal preference is superseded by honoring God in our lives and choosing to avoid what becomes an ‘occasion of sin’ for us.
Whether to discontinue the practice or not is between you and God.

We have a responsibility not just to pray for grace, but also to take practical steps to live according to conscience.
May God bless you, in His great love for you. :blessyou:

Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength, fortitude & wisdom to overcome your temptations.

Thank you both so far for your advice and words of comfort. I shave my pubic area to help with cleanliness and odor reduction. Since I have cerebral palsy, it can be difficult at times to properly clean myself. So in some regards the shaving is used mainly for hygienic reasons and not just purely cosmetic.

Again, thank you and I shall pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. God is merciful and will always aid us in freeing us from sin if we too do our part.

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