I need this issue address about Christmas please


I keep hearing from different people that Dec. 25th is not the actual day of Christ’s birth but was originally a pagan day, the worhip of nimrod, that was Christianized by celebrating Christ’s birth on that day to get the pagans away from their pagan worhip.

Then I hear others say that this is nonesense, Dec. 25th is the day Christ was born and that all the stuff about it being originally a pagan day is the work of anti-catholics.

What is the truth? And please provide me with resources to read that can give me the all the facts.

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The article on “Christmas” in the online 1917 Catholic Encyclopedia discusses this issue in some detail.


There are two schools of thought on this.

Some scholars suggest that Christmas occurring on December 25 was meant to allow Christmas to easily replace a celebration of the Roman sun god Sol Invictus. Others have suggested that Christmas predates the celebration of Sol Invictus and that the celebration of Sol Invictus was meant to eclipse the Christmas holiday, although few records have survived from the time of Roman persecution of Christians under Emperor Aurelian to support this.

St. Hippolytus, who was already knowledgeably defending the faith in writing at the turn of the century, entering the 3rd century AD, said that Christ was born Wednesday, December 25, in the 42nd year of Augustus’ reign (see his Commentary on Daniel, circa AD 204, Bk. 4, Ch. 23).

Additional calculations are made based on the six-year almanac of priestly rotations, found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. Some believe that this almanac lists the week when John the Baptist’s father served as a high priest. As it is implied that John the Baptist could only have been conceived during that particular week; and as his conception is believed to be tied to that of Jesus, it is claimed that an approximate date of December 25 can be arrived at for the birth of Jesus.


And what is the RCC’s position?



We celebrate Christmas (Christ’s Mass) on December 25th, and, even more important, we celebrate the Feast of the Incarnation on MARCH 25th. . .

I am so tired of the revisionists with their “sol invictus”, not to mention Mithras (heck 20 years ago HE was the one that Christians supposedly COPIED and whose worship on December 25th we were trying to co-opt), the assyrians, yadda yadda. Read the earlier link from Catholicity which is excellent, and don’t let your friend coerce you into a “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” logical fallacy, whereby he claims that because in a particular time a group of people celebrated ONE feast, and that today another group of people celebrate a DIFFERENT feast on that date, that somehow the LATTER group begged, borrowed, or stole from the first. Not true. Considering the wide variety of differing practices from human beings from the dawn of time, still less the dawn of written history some 6000 years or so ago, would you argue that, say, if evidence came up that a group of Egyptians in 3000 B.C. celebrated the feast of Osirus on July 4 that the U.S. celebration of Independence Day was designed to stamp out Egyptian worship??


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