I need to laugh, can you recommend some good comedians?

After some of the depressing news out of the church as of late, I feel a little down. I'd like to have some good laughs to get my mind off of this stuff, so can anyone recommend some good comedians, preferably available on iTunes? I like the likes of Bill Cosby and Brian Regan, but I own most of Cosby's CDs, and Brian Regan only has one album on iTunes, which I already own.

It goes without saying that they shouldn't be inappropriate

I just joined this forum and know what you mean about needing some laughs. I am troubled, saddened, disappointed and concerned about the situation and latest news about Father Corapi. I think I will take your advice and seek out some humor. I saw a new special a yr or so ago on Comedy Central(which I rarely watch due to so much crude/profane humor) with Sinbad. I liked him awhile ago and even heard him in person long ago. We didn’t hear from him for awhile but I guess he is back. He is clean fun! Talks about family, kids, society today, etc. I think he is in his 40’s or early 50’s so maybe if you are a lot younger it wouldn’t be as funny. I remember after 911 and wanting nothing to do with violent tv shows, I kept finding old sitcoms like I Love Lucy. Lately late at night, I watch old episodes of Family Ties and Wonder Years which are pretty good and funny. I tend to not laugh out loud at many comedians but can say Sinbad had me laughing so hard I was crying! Hope this helps. I don’t use Itunes so not sure what is available there. I don’t remember the title of the Sinbad show but it was from a new DVD he put out I think in 2010. Good luck!

Jeff Allen and Bob Smiley are quite funny Christian and clean:thumbsup:

I like Tim Hawkins. Some of his parodies are on iTunes, and a lot of his shows are available on YouTube.

I quite enjoy Jim Gaffigan and Mike Birbiglia. Most of their bits are about food and being awkward. I think what’s inappropriate might be in the eye of the beholder, but I saw Jim Gaffigan a few years ago and he’s completely clean (I think the most racy thing he said was that the Food Network is like pornography for fat people), and Mike Birbiglia is more story-based, but only one or two stories that I can think of contain anything that even might be considered off-color, and in those cases it’s actually germane to the story and never gratuitous (e.g., a story about how his parents accidentally got a porn virus on their home computer and called him to fix it has to actually mention pornography). Most of his stuff is like these bits about how rap music has changed since he was younger and how horrible dance clubs are.

Check out Mark Lowry on Youtube. He's Baptist, not Catholic, but he'll have you rolling on the floor.

Bob Newhart!

If you're still looking, you should try the Bananas Comedy DVD series. Some of the best off of their is Greg Hahn, Tim Hawkins, Michael Joiner, and Scott Gregory to name a few. All of the shows from this series are clean but very funny.


I double dog dare you to watch this without at least smiling, if not laughing.

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