I need to vent a rant - please feel free to ignore


This has always annoyed the dicken out of me bc I do not care to list my family on anything and I have very little info on most of them...

So dh is unemployeed and is filling out paper work for food stamps.

Needs my and kids birthdates and social security numbers - fine.

then he need my mother's full maiden name as on my birth certificate.

why? What the heck do they care who my mother was?

*anyhow I give it and also give my father's info. *

dh says they don't ever care about father's info.

ug. not surprised. whatever.

*but what the heck do orphans do? *

this rates right up there with class assignments telling kids to go research their family history and give a report on it - a.k.a tell the entire class about their family - which is none of their business.

I am genuinely curious what people who don't know this information do? I'd ask my dh's grandmother, but I don't think she'd care to share. At nearly 95, she prefers to let bad things be forgotten. She was abandoned by her father after her mother died with her 2 siblings at an orphanage at a young age and never had anything from her parents. Her dad just came home drove them in the buggy to town, dropped them off and rode away. She knew her last name but couldn't spell it. And she only vaguely remembers her mother but only as "Mother". They showed up with the clothes on their backs and that's it.

ARGH!!!! I hate gov't paperwork!!!!

On a not so funny humorous side not.

Dh gets a letter saying his 5% additional unemployment "Obama" benefit is blank amount the same day he gets a notice saying that since unemployment benefits are accrued with before tax income, they will now be withholding 10% in taxes form his unemployment debit card deposit. Notice they don't give Obama credit for that.:ehh:

And yes, I'm glad to have whatever we have, but unemployment still sucks.

Okay pet peeve and rant over.

Thank you. It felt good to get that out.

Oh and my dad nearly died on the table, but is now napping at his home. They weren't able to replace his valve, but they hope he will recover enough to do it in a few weeks. I'm home. I can feel like poo from 3 states away. I don't need to speed the fund and stress to let them do it in person. I love them. I'll continue to do so from a distance.:(


I'm so very sorry for all that you are going through. :console: It must be so difficult, I can't imagine. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you dear! You are a wonderful wife and mother. :love: I feel blessed to know you. :hug3:


:hug1: :hug1: :hug1:

Oh, boy, do I know how that paperwork peeve is... The last time I was at my doctor's office, they were supposed to do a quick ultrasound to find a heartbeat (I had a miscarriage scare). So, the woman gives me a full 12-week fetal survey, saying her company "requires" a certain spinal fluid screen ("But you don't have to know the results, if you don't want to."), and then says, "Oh, and I have some insurance paperwork for you to fill out once we're done." Okay, fine. So she can bill my insurance company.

After I'm finished, I'm bombarded with an insane amount of paperwork (while 2 toddlers and grandma continue to run up and down the hallway, like they've been doing for the past hour and a half), several sheets of which include disclaimers like, "I understand that my information may be used for training purposes, medical research, and/or given to the government upon request..." HOLD THE BOAT. No freakin' way. None of the government's darn business, and I certainly don't want my preborn child to be the subject of any medical research, thankyouverymuch. I was fuming, and of course, Little Miss Ultrasound Tech had already left the building. And the paperwork clearly stated that I didn't have to agree with this stuff, just that I understood what I was reading.

Apparently, consent was supposedly given when I let her do the ultrasound. The ultrasound that was only supposed to be a quick check for a heartbeat, since my doc couldn't find the heartbeat on the Doppler. Yeah, so never again. I'm not signing ANY paperwork after the fact, and I don't want any more "complete fetal surveys" done at all.


Sorry, Martha.... I guess misery loves company. :D

And more hugs for your situation with your Papa. :console:


Very sorry for what you guys are going though, I’ll remember you in my prayers.

Note that they have always taken taxes out of unemployment but the 5% increase this year was part of Obama’s stimulus. I guess they could call the fact that we have unemployment at all for people they could list that a “Liberal Democrat” benefit since pretty much all the Republicans of the time voted against it. It’s a very important program though when times get tough like this.


Hi Martha - you & yours are in my prayers - may God bless you & yours.
Love & peace in Christ , Paul.:knight2:


In the movie "I Was a Male Warbride", Cary Grant is filling out paperwork and mocking some of the questions. In his Cary Grant way, he reads off the application, "Name your father's gender". Classic!

We use that line whenever we have onerous forms to fill out, just to have a laugh. ;)


[quote="KCT, post:6, topic:184038"]
In the movie "I Was a Male Warbride", Cary Grant is filling out paperwork and mocking some of the questions. In his Cary Grant way, he reads off the application, "Name your father's gender". Classic!

We use that line whenever we have onerous forms to fill out, just to have a laugh. ;)


Oh i love cary grant and haven't seen that!
off to netflix!


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