I Need to work


I have been saying a novena to St Joseph and I am currently in the middle of the second one, I need to get to work.
Please Help me pray my novena for these things
1)I need a job with benefits and enough money to make up for what I am loosing.
2)I need job security and stability
3)Bless me with the proper strength to fulfill the need so my new employer
4)And that I finally find “HOME” at work and true friendship
5)And please make near my home so I don’t have to leave my daughter and mother and sister
St. Joseph, Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus pray for me that I may soon find myself gainfully employed.
Thank you
Margaret Crowe
Bartlett, TN, USA:gopray2: :crossrc:



I ask the Lord to hear the prayers of your heart.
I pray that the economic situation improves so that so many people, like you, are not suffering desperation in search of work.

Father, in Jesus’ name I ask You to please flood Your blessings on Margaret and her family.
Please fulfil their needs as much as possible that they may flourish as a family and as individuals. Thank You, Father


I pray that you will find a stable job, and that you may not have to leave your family.

~~ God Bless.



I don’t know what’s harder, looking for a job when you’re single and the only person who’s relying on you is you, or looking for a job when you’re a member of a family and, although the family is helping with expenses, the family needs your income. Neither is easy when you don’t have a job and money is tight, and neither can be easy when you’re considering having to leave the safety and security of that family in order to find a job.

A lot of State and local governments have programs that will help people find work - The one in California ia actually quite good. Ask the people at your local Unemployment Office if the State of TN offers anything similar, or if they can refer you to a local county program.

Retail wasn’t hopping as it usually would have been - Since that is the case, now might be a good time to pursue the Civil Service Jobs you usually would ignore. They are STABLE (I know someone who has worked for the State of California for over 22 years). Check the colleges and universities in Memphis - Some should take job app’s over the Christmas Holidays - Same holds true for any State positions - What is frozen now may well be unfrozen when the Feds come to their senses and Bail-out the states. And, There’s always the Feds. These won’t pan out for a couple of months, but they can’t not hire you because of a disability, sex or ethnicity or because of your religion or because of your age or marital status (or because you have a kid). In most cases, they can’t even ask the question.

For Quick Employment NOW, Temp Agencies can really save your butt - list with a few. Doing that will give you a chance to get to know people and have them get to know you.

You mentioned something about needing the proper strength - If you think you have a disability (Or if you have one) that makes it harder for you to do the job, employers are required to make reasonable ACCOMMODATION (Such as providing a chair for people who can’t stand for prolonged periods of time) so they can do their jobs. If this was the case with your last job, contact your former employer (esp. their HR Dept.) to let them know about your disability and see what can be worked out - You might have a case under the Federal ADA, and smart employers will try to resolve the problem (i.e. hiring you back and providing and Accommodation) rather than face a legal suit under the ADA, with its the attendant bad publicity.

My last employer (I’m on SSD) bought an expensive ergonomic chair their Human Factors expert and H.R. Dept insisted on after I showed them my Medical Records after their mid-level managers had rejected multiple requests from me for a basic new chair over several years.

Of course, I’ll ray for you - That goes without saying. Please try these things (if you haven’t already) and let me know how it turns out talking to your former employer and to the Temp Agencies.

I hope this helps.

Your Brother and Servant, Michael


Praying for all your needs.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Praying for your intentions.


Praying very hard for you to find employment and happiness!


It’s hard I know…there are many in my family who can’t find a job…I hope & pray you find the job of your dreams…

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