i need your help and advice


hi everyone…:wave:

i recently asked about short prayers:crossrc: in a thread on the spirituality section of the forum…thanks to everyone who answered my question:grouphug:

anyway i have 3 new questions (still regarding short prayers)…

(by short prayers i mean prayers that are short…only a few words long…jesus,mary,joseph, i love you, save souls…any prayer that is short…one that is in a prayerbook or that you have made up yourself)

first of all…1…how can you pray them in your mind with out your lips moving? :gopray2: …when i think thoughts in my mind or read a book then my thoughts run smoothly and my lips don’t move…but as soon as i try to say a prayer in my head then the train of thought in my head seems to break down and i have to focus on each word…and i end up mouthing the words to the prayer…how can i stop doing this…if i can think thoughts without moving my lips…then why does it happen EVERYTIME i try to pray…:shrug: …any advice on what i could do because i don’t want people to think i’m weird… or worse…that i’m talking to myself:blush:

2…also anybody have any advice on how to perserve with saying these sort prayers throughout the day…?

i like to say these types of prayers because at the moment i can’t get myself in to a proper routine…morning and night prayers… if i try i end up going days with barely a prayer said …so if i say these prayers throughout the day then i am spending my day in contact with god…i don’t only say these prayers for myself…in some prayers i ask god to help the homeless…help the dying…release the holy souls in purgatory…etc…

also i have noticed when i say lots of these prayers…then sometimes happiness seems to come in to my heart…and a calm and peace overcome me…

3…do you think these prayers are pleasing to god?..i try to say them god the father, jesus, holy spirit, mary, joseph, holy angels and saints, my own holy guardian angel…though i don’t say them all at one time or on the same day

any comments or avice would be helpful and totally appreciated:extrahappy:



I am not good at praying without moving my lips. I have to move my lips a little bit. I am sure many are doing the same.

I think you have done it. Don’t forget that we can’t constantly pray verbally or in your mind every second; however, do what you suppose to do during the day is also a part of pleasing God.

God is not only pleased but also hear and grant your prayers. Yesterday’s Gospel is about being persistent when praying - God will hear you. :slight_smile:


Our homily this weekend was awesome… the priest was talking about a man that could only mutter “Lord, take my hand” as he was stroking. I am trying to remember to invite God to take my hand too and give up on my will in favor of his.


I only have advice for your second question, how to keep saying them: link them up with something you do often. For example, I try to say St Gertrude’s prayer when going up and down the elevator, which I have to do often. Or say a prayer when you open a door, or when you notice that it’s a new hour (8:00, 9:00).


I find Taize chants really helpful - somehow I find the rhythm of the music makes it easier to weave them into my day.

I frequently walk to and from work with:
The Lord is my light
My light and salvation
In Him I trust
In Him I trust

It also works with the rhythm of train journeys :slight_smile: .


I noticed some time ago that when I was quietly praying the rosary without moving my lips, I would instead move my teeth and actually rub them against each other. I don’t think that’s good because it might damage the enamel:rolleyes:

And a comment to your question, are these prayers pleasing to God? Just my humble opinion: Every prayer that comes from the heart is pleasing to God.
If it is just a ritual/recital, it can still come from the heart, of course!
If we pray because we feel we “have to”, then I would say that’s not the purpose of prayer?



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