I need your help please


I want to start off by saying I suffer from great scrupulosity. Is it true that we do not have the obligation to remove remote occasions of sin but only near occasions of sin? There is this language learning program on my phone called “babbel”, and for the lessons they have pictures with them. Sometimes the pictures contain rather tempting (lust) photos. I struggle with impurity. They have different languages, for Spanish there was one really provocative one, where I think any boy my age (17) would have to look away. You have to pay for each language you want to learn, I switched to German, and so far, even though some were close to being tempting, there weren’t any real photos that were that provocative. So, would this program on my phone be a remote or near occasion to sin? I don’t know what pictures could pop up.

ps: Do you know a safe way (for my soul) or some program I can use (besides rosetta stone, too expensive) for learning another language?


I’m afraid I can’t help you with your moral problem, but I use the free iPad app Duolingo–absolutely nothing provocative that I can see. Good luck.


If the photos showed up accidentally, then it probably isn’t even a venial sin, but if you keep looking them up so you can lust over them, then that’s a problem.


Does Duolingo really help?



If you just pass through these photos and don’t continue to look at them, I don’t think it is a sin, but if you keep looking at them, then it becomes a sin.



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