I need your opinion please


all right here is my problem my mother works way too hard she never gets a day off my uncle mike is her boss i think my mom and my uncle mike are commiting fraud what do you think


The fact that they are committing fraud or anything else is really not your business unless she brings it to your for your advice- you are her child. That is unless you inadvertently find out she is committing mass fraud of the elderly or something but it is not your place to go investigating your family members -this is not your first thread like this - we should really do our best to look at our own sins instead of the sins of others.


"working too hard"
A lot of small family businesses require extra work just to survive. Labor laws typically exempt family members from minimum wage and hour limitations since it is accepted they need to work extra hard just to keep the business afloat.

Unless you have concrete evidence, this is just speculation. Many types of businesses engage in practices that people outside the industry don’t understand. The misunderstood practices may indeed be acceptable or even desirable for that line of work without committing any actual wrong.


If you know for certain they are committing fraud, you should say something to them. If they don’t stop, then report them to the authorities.

However, you better be 100% sure or you may commit a sin yourself.

Working too hard? No such thing, really. You work as hard as you need to, to pay the bills and provide for your family. Life isn’t easy, particularly the financial side.


What do I think? I think punctuation would make this much more clear. At 18, you know that run on sentences are very difficult to read.

All right, here is my problem. My mother works way too hard. She never gets a day off. My uncle Mike is her boss. I think my mom and my uncle Mike are committing fraud. What do you think?

Now, to address this. Every mother works way too hard. It is part of a mother’s description. Mothers never get days off. Some even work outside the home, working even harder. So she works for her brother, a family business. I am assuming she grew up with Mike, so she is comfortable talking to her own brother. If she did not like working the hours, she would presumably tell him. On the other hand, if she is working hard to make this family business successful, it often takes way more than 40 hours a week. What is your PROOF of fraud? Without PROOF, keep silent. If you think just because your mother is working long hours, they are committing fraud, you are most likely mistaken.

Now, are you going to come back to this thread? In my experience, you post something, but you never return. For example, you were upset about our dad and grandma taking you shopping, but you never came back. forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=523040

I would worry more about yourself than your family members.


I beg to differ with you. There are people who use work as an addictive substance, they run off an adrenaline high, they are called “work addicts” or “workaholics.” They can get lots of societal rewards, but many companies recognize that these people can be slave drivers to their subordinates and can cost the company a lot of medical expenses because of all the stress they put themselves through as well as put others through. They don’t like to take vacations and if they are forced to take time off, they take their electronics with them and are always in touch. Blackberries are a workaholic’s best friend.

I think Catholics may be more prone to this addiction, since we believe that work does have a part in salvation.

as with everything else in life, balance is the key.


Sure, if you are addicted to work but if it’s simply to make ends meet then there is no such thing.

Most people are not addicted to work and those that are workaholics are more addicted to the money they get than the work itself. However, since it seems that people can get addicted to just about anything, I don’t doubt some people are actually addicted to their work.


I just explained that it’s not likely to be about the money, it’s an addiction to activity and adrenaline. Money can be a side benefit, but people who are focused on money are not necessarily work addicted. I won’t try to derail the thread with this discussion but I know what I am talking about, trust me. And there are a LOT of people with this affliction but society generally rewards them so they don’t recover often.


I think this post makes little sense. How are *working too hard *and *committing fraud *in any way related?

As for your mother, she is an adult and can determine for herself whether or not she is working too much and can talk to her boss (aka Uncle Mike) if she is not happy with her schedule.


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